Quick Cash: How to boost your income by $20,000 without learning any new skills

The Queenslanders who are now receiving a weekly cash boost, and how you can do it without leaving your home or suburb.

Need some extra money for a holiday, the children or to just pay the bills? It’s never been a better time to cash in on the side – all you need is some spare time – and in many cases, you don’t need to leave your home or suburb. In 2018, boosting your income is easier than you think.

“There are so many ways to make extra money now,” Kylie Travers from The Thrifty Issue told Nine News.

Travers runs The Thrifty Issue website and said that anyone can boost their income by $20,000 — and you don’t even need extra skills to do so.

“I think there’s a lot of ways that people don’t really consider,” Travers said.

Meanwhile, mum Kathy Skinner is turning her spare time into spare cash by signing up to a cleaning agency, using their booking app to manage jobs.

“It’s just the flexible hours I can work for as many hours as I want,” Skinner said.

With companies like The Cleaning Studio you can earn up to $27 an hour — helping clients with busy lifestyles.

Amy Caris — director of The Cleaning Studio said that they are popular with a number of different types of clients.

“It’s also really popular with real estate agents, Airbnb hosts, and people like that,” Caris said.

9Saver Tip:

Dog-walker Kylie Marsh is turning her love of animals into easy money — she’s signed up to Pawshake – a website that links pet owners with pet minders.

“It’s the perfect way to make a bit of extra cash,” Marsh said.

Those interested in dog walking can charge up to $30 for a home visit or dog walk, and $80 for an overnight stay.

“The sky’s the limit really, however many dogs you feel comfortable walking in a day,” Marsh said, adding that she can up up to; “a couple of hundred dollars a week.”

Other easy cash options include:

  • Signing up to a market research company to earn up to $100 an hour
  • Uber Driving – up to $300 a day
  • Renting out your car – up to $300 a month
  • Airbnb — up to $70 a day, more in peak periods

“Over Christmas, I made $1,300 in five days” Travers said.

And she said that there are jobs to suit everyone from mums to retirees.

“Medical research is one that I checked out recently and got paid $4000 for doing one for a condition that I have. But they traditionally pay between $700 and $10 thousand dollars,” Travers said.

Online surveys can be another instant cash injection, earning you up to $5000 a year — you can do them when you’re watching TV, picking up the kids, even waiting in the doctor’s surgery.

And it’s sensible to consider alternative ways of earning money, so you have something to fall back on if you find yourself in any financial hardship.

“If you don’t have multiple streams of income and something happens you lose your job it can be very easy to tip over into deep financial stress or be ending up in a lot of debt,” Travers said.

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