New Year’s tips and tricks to save on utility bills in 2018

Skyrocketing power bills are making it increasingly difficult for households to get on top of their finances.

Finance expert Canna Campbell from SASS Financial reveals some simple things you can do to save on utilities such as energy, telco and water.

3 ways to save on utility bills

TODAY: Can you really control your utility bills?

CANNA: Yes, and there are lots of different options now, ranging from predictable plans to clever gadgets as well as the traditional methods. And the great thing is that not only is it saving you money, but the environment too!

TODAY: How can capped plans help you manage your bills?

CANNA: It is called a predictable plan meaning you pay the same amount each month based on your annual household usage. It makes it really easy to manage your budget with a consistent amount due, and no nasty surprises, especially in the peak of summer when we crank up our air conditioners. However the downside is if you don’t use your “quota” you don’t get a credit. And you can do this for gas and electricity. Some providers even have sign up bonus promotions going on, so do your research and compare the plans available.

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TODAY: When it comes to energy bills is there any relief in sight?

CANNA: It all depends on where you are located. Western Australia, Northern Territory and the Australian Capital Territory will unfortunately see electricity prices increase. All other states will start to see a reduction from July due to falling wholesale costs.

TODAY: How do you make sure you are on the best phone and internet deal?

CANNA: Again shop around and if possible, try and bundle these services. At this time of the year there are lots of special offers going on but always make sure that you know your usage so that you select the right plan for you. Use comparison websites to do your research.

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TODAY: How do you save on your next water bill?

CANNA: Invest in a shower saver. Try to take shorter showers and cut down on the length of your washing cycles. When it comes to the garden water plants before or after sunlight and invest in garden felt.

TODAY: How can the local hardware store also help us save?

CANNA: If you head to Bunnings or your local hardware store, you will find products to save water in the garden, bathroom and kitchen. For gas they have radiator bleeders and radiator foils. You can also now buy portable solar base chargers for your phone and laptops. Also on offer are energy monitors which tell you which devices are using the most energy, so that way, you know to try and use them in the off peak times. And now most appliances come with energy ratings, so you know before you buy what the ongoing financial impact is going to be.

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