Are you really on the cheapest power plan?

The market is constantly changing so here’s the latest you need to know about finding the cheapest Electricity in SE QLD.

If getting a better electricity deal is on your “to do” list this year, the incentives are already ramping up.

2018 is proving to be the battle of power providers with many offering bigger discounts, cash credits and bonuses, as well no lock-in contracts.

“What was a good deal six months ago is probably not a good deal anymore,” said Simon Downes.

3 ways to save on power bills:

Canstar Blue surveyed 1,500 power customers to reveal the winning companies according to satisfaction.

“We’re seeing some genuine price competition and there’s probably never been a better time to either switch providers or at least negotiate an improved deal with your existing retailer,” added Mr Downes, Canstar Blue spokesperson.

It’s all thanks to competitive new retailers winning customer votes.

In the Canstar Blue survey, traditional retailers AGL and Origin received three stars for overall satisfaction and two stars for value for money, outperformed by new players Red Energy and Click Energy with four stars. The standout winner was Alinta Energy who was awarded five stars for cost and customer service.

“We’re on track to hit our target of 250,000 customers and we think we’ll do that in the next 12 months,” said Alinta Executive Director Retail Jim Galvin.

Mum of two Jasmine Ringland stayed with her old company for more than 10 years before switching to Alinta, saving more than $500 a year.

“Whether it’s coming off child care costs or whether it’s food shopping for the week absolutely savings a saving,” said Jasmine.

While Alinta is leaps ahead with its 25% discount, the gap is closing. Origin is now offering 16%, AGL 18% and Simply Energy 20% off power with predictions the discounts will get even bigger in coming months.

Simon Downes said, “I think people really should be making 2018 the year they take control of their power bills.”

If you are chasing discounts, always compare usage charges.

Comparison websites can make it simple to save.

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