New technology for slashing power bills is set to launch in Queensland

Smart software designed to monitor energy use is expected to reduce household bills and create new jobs

World-first technology that’s predicted to slash power bills is about to be introduced in South-East Queensland.

Redback Technologies at the University of Queensland has developed software that provides “real-time” data about household appliance use, which when coupled with “smart” appliances can switch them on or off at the optimum time.

The system regulates when your home uses power and when it accesses the grid.

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The new cutting edge software will show minute-by-minute how much power each household appliance is using and eventually switch them on and off to maximise savings — it promises to be a game changer.

“I understand it’s a world first” Kate Jones, Minister for Innovation said of the new project run by Redback Technologies —  who also created energy storage battery the Smart Hybrid System — and its partners Springfield Land Corporation, Microsoft, Energy Queensland and the University of Queensland.

“This technology helps people intelligently manage their power usage and cut their bills by identifying power-hungry devices and systems in their homes and businesses,” Jones said.

“We collect data for consumption and that data gives us the ability to control that hot water system that water pump that smart washing machine” said Philip Livingstone from Redback Technologies.

The system works even more effectively if you have solar power, regulating when your home uses your power and when it accesses the grid.

“So what we’ll do is walk out the door for work and at midday your washing machine and your dishwasher will come on when solar power is almost at nil cost to you as a family” Jones said.

It’s said that this computer technology will be to electricity what Uber is to public transport, a disrupter that eventually could halve power bills. The best news is that it won’t cost anything to install.

Livingstone explained that Redback Technologies don’t forsee that the new software will see a net cost for customers.

It’s great news for Queensland energy customers, with new technology to be trialled in Springfield, Queensland within months.

As well as having the potential to cut power bills, Redback Technologies will also be creating hundreds of jobs in Queensland.

“Redback will employ up to a further 109 technical and professional staff at its University of Queensland St Lucia laboratory, adding to its existing workforce and through expanding its existing facility, which would see more jobs and opportunities trickle down through the local economy,” said