30+ Tips to Save Energy around the Home

Easy tips and tricks that could help you save big bucks on power bills, even if you can’t switch!

There are so many ways to save on electricity and gas – some small and some that can add up to over $1,000 in a year. We’ve pulled together more than 30 examples to show you there’s no end of options.

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2. Above all, shop around wherever possible! Some households can save more than $1500 in just a few minutes by shopping around. Even if you’re not in the states above, where some switching is possible, your provider might offer more than one options, so do ask! 

4. Barter with your provider. Sometimes when you’re just about to leave, your electricity retailer will suddenly discover a better offer for you…

5.Dial the air con thermostat up! Start at 22 or 23 and see if it’s comfortable before blasting out the icy-cold air. Every degree adds about $120 to an average bill.

6. Choose window coverings and double-glazing. This will help keep a consistent temperature and, in turn, help reduce your power bills.

8. Count the Stars. A 3-star fridge/freezer can be $900 cheaper than a 1-star appliance over the life of the machine.

9. Avoid “Vampire power”. Save about 10 per cent by turning appliances off at the power-point when not using them.

10. Use pots and pans with snug-fitting lids. That way pans will heat up more quickly when covered.

12. Join a hardship program. All retailers have them. If you’re struggling, ask them for relief.

13. Look into concessions. Most State Governments have a few concessions to help the most needy with their power bills. See ‘Get all the Rebates you’re entitled to

14. Connect to gas. Natural gas can prove to be a cheaper way to heat your home and is well worth investigating.

15. Get insulated! Ceiling and floor insulation will keep heat in during winter and out in summer.

17. Only heat or cool the spaces in your home you are using, rather than the whole house.

18. Draught-proof your home with draught-stoppers, door snakes and window sealing tape.

19. Keep your windows and doors closed and draw the curtains at night to help keep the heat in.

20. Got a chimney you don’t use? Block it off — Santa will be able to find another way in.

22. Buy a hot water bottle! They’re super cheap and super handy. Just pop it into your bed an hour before you jump in or wrap it in your PJs for extra warmth!

23. Rather not? Invest in an electric blanket — they use less energy than room heaters.

24. Run slow-moving ceiling fans in reverse to help push the hot air back down to where it is needed most.

26. Can’t do without it? Then just turn the Beer Fridge on a few hours before your big event.

27. Clean the coils on the back or bottom of the fridge.

28. Place the fridge in a well-ventilated position and allow sufficient gap at the top and around the sides of the fridge, away from direct sunlight or any source of heat.

30. Cook large amounts in the oven and freeze them for the week. Using a microwave is more energy efficient and cheaper to run than an oven when reheating food.

31. Did you know? Reverse cycle air conditioners are two to 2.5 times more efficient than electric bar radiators or fan heaters!

32. Thaw frozen foods before cooking.

33. Replace damaged coils and reflectors. Clean the reflectors for full heating benefit.