Power campaign hits target as switching records predicted for 2018

The new campaign is contributing to what could be the biggest year on record for energy switching

More than 20,000 Aussie homes have signed up to the new 9Saver Power Campaign — designed to band consumers together to fight for cheaper power bills — since its launch on February 16.

9Saver aims to use the combined buying power of tens of thousands of homes to source exclusive energy discounts, and the new campaign is contributing to what could be the biggest year on record for energy switching.

Amazingly, 2017 was the biggest year for switching electricity providers in Australia. According to Australian Energy Market Operator data, more than 2 million households switched for the first time last year — the equivalent of 229 homes an hour or 4 homes per minute.

Consumer campaigner Christopher Zinn told TODAY he is thrilled by the positive response by Nine viewers.

“Initially we set the target at 10,000 households, but we smashed that in the first 24 hours of launching the campaign,” Zinn said.

TODAY: You originally set out with the goal to sign up 10,000 people — how are we going?

ZINN: We’ve had a really positive response. Thousands of Channel Nine viewers are getting the message that you can get more control and more value out of your electricity by taking some action, and this is just one thing which people can do. Join a group and see what collective bargaining power can create which you couldn’t find yourself. We’re now at over 17,000 thousand signups. We started off just over a week ago with a target of 10,000. We raised that to 20,000 and we are confident of beating it.

TODAY: What an incredible response — can you explain how the campaign works?

ZINN: One person going to a power company asking for a better offer is unlikely to get any more than what is on the table, but if 10,000 or 20,000 people do so, the energy retailers are likely to dig a bit deeper to find something better. We have evidence that has worked in the past. We are now doing it with 9saver.com.au. Households join the campaign by doing no more than sharing their email and answering a couple of questions.

We approach power companies with the number of households who have shown an interest in finding more value out of the electricity. We ask the retailers what offer they can make available to those who have signed up to the campaign. Out of those offers we chose one that will create the greatest benefit for the greatest number of people.

TODAY: And what happens after you sign up?

ZINN: In three weeks time we will chose an offer which we think is the best. People can either take up the offer or approach their own provider and ask them to improve or match their current offer. There is no cost or obligation.

TODAY: If people want to get involved — what should they do? Is there still time?

ZINN: Just go to 9saver.com.au. You just have to register with an email and answer a few questions. On top of sharing the offer with you in three weeks, we will also provide you with some handy savings tips.


  1. Over 4 weeks, 9Saver campaigns via TODAY and A Current Affair for 10,000 Aussie homes to join the power campaign at 9Saver.com.au
  2. As the group builds, 9Saver uses this combined buying power to source exclusive discounted energy offers from one or more providers.
  3. After 4 weeks, 9Saver releases the offers via 9Saver.com.au – there is no requirement to take up any offer.