Today Show viewers help 9Saver Power Campaign smash target: More than 21,000 homes now signed up

The people power campaign has seen 64 households sign up every hour since it was launched almost two weeks ago!

More than 21,000 Aussie homes have taken the first step towards reducing their energy bill by signing up to the 9Saver Power Campaign which was launched on the Today Show almost two weeks ago.

That’s an average of about 64 households signing up every hour.

The 9Saver Power campaign aims to tap into a national wave of electricity switching and potentially help Channel Nine viewers save hundreds on their power bills by using group buying power to unlock special discounts. These discounts will be released nationally on March 19.

9Saver can now reveal the postcodes with the highest signups per state — which includes Gosford, Gold Coast and Morphett Vale.

NSW 2250 Gosford
VIC 3977 Cranbourne
QLD 4209 Gold Coast
SA 5162 Morphett Vale
WA 6210 Mandurah

It’s clear that energy is a huge contributor to stress in Aussie households — more than 50 percent of those who have joined the 9Saver Power campaign say their energy bill causes them a high to extreme level of stress.

But there is something consumers can do to ease the strain — and that’s consider switching.

Energy switcher and teacher Simone Paull of Kings Langley in Sydney’s north-west admitted to feeling the pressure of an increasing power bill before she switched energy providers.

“I was reluctant about switching, I thought I would have to have 2 hour conversations and endless forms but it was totally not like that at all it was easy, it was quick, it was effortless, it took me 5 minutes  so my advice is just do it,” Paull said.

The mother of two is now saving a staggering 50 percent on her electricity.

Simone is part of a switching revolution, with a record breaking 2 million households last year ditching their energy provider in an attempt to save money according to data compiled by the Australian Energy Market Operator.

Consumer Campaigner Christopher Zinn said it’s encouraging to see more and more people get the message that you can get more control and more value out of your electricity bill by taking action.

“This year looks certain to break another record. In January we saw a massive 26 percent year-on-year increase compared to 2017,” Zinn said.

However Zinn added joining a power campaign such as 9Saver was more likely to cause a better result.

“One person going to a power company asking for a better offer is unlikely to get any more than what is on the table, but if 10,000 or 20,000 people do so, the energy retailers are likely to dig a bit deeper to find something better,” Zinn said.

TODAY: There’s been a huge number of sign-ups, why has it had such a big response? 

ZINN: There is an incredible amount of frustration around electricity bills. People are realising that they can’t afford to wait until the government fixes the problem. In fact there is something they can do about it today and that is switch providers and get on a better deal.

We started off this 9Saver Power campaign with a target of 10,000, we smashed that within the first 24 hours and set a new goal of 20,000. We’ve now passed that and I’m thrilled to announce that we now have more than 21,000 homes who have signed up.

It launched midway through February and since then we’ve had people joining at a rate more than one person per minute, which is great considering it’s the first ever 9Saver Power Campaign.

TODAY: Simone made some great savings, how does that work?

ZINN: In the case of someone like Simone, switchers who make the biggest savings usually go from highly priced tariff or standing offer to a competitively priced market offer. I can’t say everyone is going to save 50 percent on their bill, but it is still  certainly worthwhile looking at. If this campaign drives just one person to analyse their energy bill and get on a better deal, then it will be worth it.

The way it works is, we take the group of registered names to the providers. We then select the winning offer in each area. It’s then up to you what you do with that offer, but we did just hear Simone’s endorsement of switching. She’s in a club of two million people who ditched their provider in search of a better deal last year.

And 21,000 names is a very decent size to take to the energy providers to see what offer they can come up with that you couldn’t easily find yourself.

TODAY:  Can people still get involved, and how?

ZINN: Yes! Simply go to Give us your postcode and answer some simple, brief questions on your electricity usage. In the the next two weeks we will go to the energy providers and see what offer they can come up with. We’ll then let you know the winning offer in your area and it’s up to you what you then do with it. You can take it to your current provider and negotiate a better deal or you can switch. You have the choice. It is cost and obligation free.

We’re half way through the campaign and we’ve still got another two weeks, so it really is the more the merrier.

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