Still Live: Special Energy Discounts for Aussie homes

9Saver launches special off-market electricity and gas discounts from Aussie power companies

Since the 9Saver Power Campaign launched in February, over 100,000 households have banded together to successfully demand special Electricity and Gas offers from Australian power companies.

9Saver approached leading energy retailers — using the combined buying power of the homes who joined — to get you exclusive, off-market discounts on your energy bills.

Those special offers are now closed, but 9saver has launched a Summer Power Campaign to source new special discounts.

TODAY spoke to consumer campaigner Christopher Zinn.

TODAY: How can viewers claim these great offers?

ZINN: You simply have to be in the group. There’s already 100,000 subscribers to 9Saver and you can still join. You can switch in less than five minutes. The system is very straightforward but you need to check if it’s right for you.

TODAY: This is an ongoing campaign, where can people sign up? I can’t say exactly when they will open or close but they are only available for a limited time.  There’s no cost or obligation. Just give us your email so we can stay in touch. The offer will be sent to you. You can then compare it with what you’ve already got or speak to the providers for a comparison, and if the offer is right, switch.

Zinn added that the success of the campaign showed how people are recognising they can maybe save hundreds by switching energy providers.

“There is an incredible amount of frustration around electricity bills. People are realising that they can’t afford to wait until the government fixes the problem. There is something they can do today, and that is switch to a better deal,” Zinn said.

Last year in response to increasing power prices, a record breaking 2 million households switched their energy provider according to the Australian Energy Market Operator.

“Switching data from this year shows early signs of breaking another record. The energy retailers have evidently dug a bit deeper for the 40,000 households – proof people power works. This will move the market,” Zinn said.

“I’d encourage all consumers who want a cheaper bill to grab this opportunity. Check out the offer in your state. You can switch or take it to your provider and negotiate a better deal, it is cost and obligation free.”

Offers are for a limited time only. You should check about any exit or cancellation fees from your current provider. RevTech Media earns a fee for each customer that takes up a special offer. These fees are shared with Nine Entertainment Corporation