How to cut costs and save hundreds on power bills

With Sydney families increasingly shocked by rising power bills — more and more homeowners are looking for ways to fight back against expensive electricity.

When it comes to running his household — Nick Pfitzner has the power in the palm of his hand.

Sick of watching his electricity bills soar, a Kellyville Ridge father of two is one of thousands of homeowners looking for ways to slash spending.

“Five years ago we were paying over $2000 a year for power, now we pay under $300,” Pfitzner said.

After switching to a solar battery system two years ago, Nick now relies on the Reposit First app on his mobile phone, to monitor and control exactly how much energy his household consumes each day.

I don’t need to press any buttons on it, I just look at the app on my phone and see how I’m doing on an energy basis and on a financial basis,” Pfitzner said.

In the past five years — the average Australian power bill has doubled.

And if you think it’s expensive now, brace yourself. By the end of next year you could be forking out an extra $430 on-top of what you’re currently paying.

Using our app you will see an immediate decrease in what your electricity is costing you,” Dean Spaccavento CEO of Reposit Power said.

In February alone — according to the renewable energy index, more than 4,500 NSW homes installed solar panels.

Over the next decade, that’s expected to deliver savings of almost 60 million dollars.

“By 2020, we’re on track for 180,000 solar batteries in NSW alone.  This is an energy revolution, a people’s power revolution and we think it’s very exciting,” John Grimes CEO of the Smart Energy Council said.

While the cost of going solar is significant – it might be months, even years before you reap the benefits. But, long term, as prices continue to rise — that’s when you’ll the savings.

“It’s about getting bang for buck,” Pfitzner said.

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