Thousands of South Australians accessing energy special offers

Hundreds have already switched energy providers using the deals sourced by the 9Saver Energy Campaign

Thousands of South Australians are choosing to switch energy providers in a bid to reduce their power bills.

New deals are allowing some households to save more than 30 per cent on usage charges and here’s how you can access the off market discounts.

Tired of escalating power bills, mother-of-two Sandy Pascoe decided to make a change.

“I wanted to save money, electricity bills were getting out of hand,” said Pascoe.

Pascoe decided to switch providers to take advantage of a new group discount from

Under the deal, eligible customers in South Australia can get 33% off electricity usage and supply rates with Click ENERGY or 28% off power and 12% off gas usage with Alinta energy.

Consumer campaigner Christopher Zinn said that the special discounts can result in big savings on energy bills.

“That can amount to hundreds of dollars so certainly it is well worth looking at,” Zinn said.

There are no exit fees or lock in contracts but the offers are only available to those who pay on time and in full.

Already, almost three and a half thousand South Australians households have subscribed to get access to the deal, with most sign ups coming from Morphett Vale, Smithfield and Salisbury.

“I only took my five minutes on the internet, sent them an email and joined up.. Very easy,” Pascoe said.

Almost 150,000 South Australians changed energy companies in 2017,  and already this year, more than 45,000 have made the switch.

The deals are through which is part of the Nine Entertainment Corporation .. and there is no obligation to take up any of the offers.

“It is, I suggest, one of the easiest ways to save money. If you haven’t done it you should try it,” Zinn said.

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