Thousands ditch their power company after 9Saver Power Campaign

Thousands ditch their power company after 9Saver Power Campaign

Thousands of Aussie homes have ditched their power company in the past month to take up special discounts created by 45,000 subscribers in the 9Saver Power Campaign.

The Power Campaign launched in February to try and use the combined buying power of 9Saver subscribers to source special offers — and it worked.

The offers were released in March and billpayers are now switching in droves to try and save hundreds of dollars on one of the fastest-growing bills in the household budget.

Energy prices have almost doubled in a decade and are now the highest in the world for millions of Aussies — particularly those who have not shopped around.

But the 9Saver Power Campaign has tapped into a discount war among energy companies in Australia at the moment, sourcing special offers for 9Saver subscribers that are better than those companies currently offer to the open market.

9Saver subscriber Anita from Bentleigh East in Victoria had a look at the special offer in her area.

“I rang my previous provider Simply Energy to compare the rates with what they were offering & was told they could not match or beat the rates. So I switched,” she reports.

Some subscribers have reported getting a better response from their old power company and ended up staying for a better offer, which is also a good result for them.

The offers are available for a limited time, so whether you’ve switched providers before or not, be sure to check them out.

Grab your latest bill and compare the discount, the rates and solar feed-in if you have panels, and go from there.

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