5 Tricks to Slash Hundreds from your Power Bills

Smart billpayers are using these 5 hacks and loopholes to cut their Electricity and Gas bills. Are you?

Australia currently has the unenviable title of ‘world’s highest power prices’ according to some experts, but there are clever ways to save hundreds on power bills.

Here are 5 tricks that every billpayer ought to know about.

1. Shop around & switch regularly!

Some four-person households can save more than $1500 on Electricity and Gas by switching, according to the Australian Energy Regulator.

You’ll never know if you’re on the best or the worst plan on the market until you look around.

And here’s the energy industry’s dirty secret: they only offer the very best discounts to new customers, or departing customers, or those who are part of a group such as 9Saver subscribers.

And even the best offers don’t all last forever, so you need to shop around every year or two.

2. Be prepared to barter with your provider.

Unfortunately, it’s a fact of life. The squeaky wheel gets the oil, as they say.

Sometimes when you’re just about to leave, your electricity retailer will suddenly discover a better offer for you…

See 9Saver’s guide on “How to find the cheapest plan on the market“.

3. Dial the heater down.

As winter approaches, don’t turn it right up to 25 degrees straight away!

Men are most comfortable at about 22 degrees and women at about 24 degrees. So start at 19 or 20 and see if it’s comfortable.

Every degree can cost you about $100 annually.

4. Dial the air con thermostat up!

The same rule applies in reverse when the weather is warm.

Start the air con at 22 or 23 and see if it’s comfortable before blasting out the icy-cold air.

Every degree adds about $100 to an average bill.

5. Avoid “Vampire power”.

You can save about 10 per cent by turning appliances off at the powerpoint when not using them.

This might not be very practical for the appliances you use all the time, but what about the ones you use only occasionally – or what about when you go away on holiday?

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