Consumer group launches energy service promising an average $324 saving a year

For an annual fee of $99, CHOICE will scan your bill and switch you if they find a cheaper plan

When it comes to energy, Australians pay some of the highest prices in the world and with so many energy plans on offer, it can be hard to find the ones with the best savings.

So consumer group CHOICE is launching a new energy bill-checking service this morning that offers a free savings estimate and then switches you at an annual cost of $99 a year.

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Tom Godfrey from CHOICE joined TODAY to talk about the new bill-checking service.

TODAY: Tell us how this tool works

GODFREY: It’s a great tool. We know 7 out of 10 Australians are paying too much for energy — on average, we could be getting $324 and up to $1500 a year more. If you’re in NSW, Victoria, SA or SE QLD you could be one of 6 million households that could be tapping into up to $2 billion worth of savings and that’s why we’ve intervened in the market with this service.

TODAY: It depends on your circumstances, of course, but how much do you think on average consumers can save?

GODFREY: On average we’ve found in our trials people can save $324 and up to $1500 a year. So it’s a huge amount. The other thing is that it’s very complicated and by offering this concierge service we come in and we do it all for you. So the way it works is, we scan your bill and search for the best available deal from up to 30 retailers, and we then switch you and we keep switching you for up to 12 months. We don’t do it ourselves; there’s some very clever software behind the scenes.

TODAY: Why did you feel a service like this was necessary?

GODFREY: The way it works now is, if you want to move, you often use a commercial comparison site and they get paid huge commissions by the energy retailers and you don’t see that. So what we’ve decided to do is give you a free bill-checking service.

Go to, upload a pdf of your bill and we’ll tell you how much we can save you. If you want to pay [$99 a year], we’ll then switch you for up to 12 months. And you can stay in there if you want to keep switching and saving.

TODAY: Any catches?

GODFREY: There are no catches. Unlike the commercial comparison sites where you don’t know what they’re taking behind the scenes, and you also don’t know what deal they’ve done – often when you get moved by one of them, they’ve agreed not to move you again for up to three years. We’re putting the power back in the hands of consumers. You don’t have to decode your complex energy bill; we’re your agent. Let us do it for you.

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