Combine your mobile and energy bill and you could save yourself hundreds!

An Aussie telco provider is offering customers a game-changing deal by wrapping their energy and telco bills into one

Juggling multiple bills can be hugely stressful for Aussie households. But now telco provider Amaysim is launching a deal for Aussie households that combines their energy and telco bill in a bid to slash costs.

The bigger players in the market like Telstra and Optus are also offering a number of incentives to entice customers, so it’s worth doing your research and finding the best deal to suit your needs.

TODAY chatted to Tech Expert Trevor Long to get all the details on the new offers. Plus, he shares the latest news from Apple:

TODAY: So, what are Amaysim offering?

LONG: Amaysim recently launched home energy deals, so they are selling electricity not just mobile phone plans, and because their research shows people are both frustrated and concerned about having multiple bills for all their different services — they are offering TWO 15GB unlimited talk and text mobile plans for all new energy customers. That’s essentially a $1040 discount on mobile deals just for switching your energy provider.

TODAY: So if this is all about gaining more mobile customers, what are the big guys doing? Let’s start with Telstra:

LONG: Apart from the “bundles” where we combine our landline, home internet and mobile, which is the business Amaysim is getting into just with electricity and mobile. Telstra also have a bunch of incentives, firstly they have free Foxtel Now subscriptions for customers paying more than $99 on their mobile plans*. They also offer access to Apple Music subscriptions and then there’s the Telstra Thanks rewards program which gives you access to cheap movie tickets and early access to concert tickets .

TODAY: Optus is all in on sport it seems?

LONG: No doubt, they’ve got the rights to show the English Premier League soccer, and now also the entire World Cup this year — so having an Optus account* is essentially the smartest and cheapest way to be able to watch every single World Cup game, because the usual TV broadcaster won’t be showing all the games.

TODAY: How about Vodafone?

LONG: They do a few things, they have Qantas Frequent Flyer points for new customers, they’re offering pretty attractive international roaming deals, and they’re also trying to get customers on multiple services, so if you sign up with Vodafone for NBN*, you can get free Netflix, plus additional data on your mobile plan — similar to the idea Amaysim have to reduce the number of bills you get.

TODAY: Are there any other smaller players trying to entice customers with extras?

LONG: There is a smaller carrier called OVO* who are doing live sport streaming deals with smaller niche sports, like drag racing, water polo and even eSports, they’re looking at tapping into loyal small markets for their customer growth. So essentially it’s worth looking at all the things you do, not just on your mobile, but generally with bills — and seeing if you can get a better deal!

TODAY: Now Trev you’re in San Francisco, some exciting stuff happening with Apple!

LONG: Apple have their annual Worldwide Developers conference this week in San Jose Tuesday morning, 3am eastern Australian time. It will have CEO Tim Cook on stage announcing a whole range of updates from Apple. We know for sure the key focus will be on software, updates for Mac, Apple Watch, Apple TV and importantly the iOS software that runs on all iPhones and iPads.There is a chance we might also see new devices, perhaps updates to the MacBook range and even a possible new entry level iPhone SE2.

Interview and additional text by Lauren Hollands
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