What you can do at home to slash your energy bills!

The cost of your energy bill may have something to do with your habits around the home — here are some tips to make sure you’re not paying more than you should.

As we brace for the coldest months of the year, many of us will be expecting to be hit with a larger than normal power bill.

According to recent research, Aussie households are expected to rack up over one billion dollars worth of wasted energy usage around the home this year alone. So it’s clearly time to start looking at what you can do to keep the costs down.

TODAY chatted to Consumer Campaigner Christopher Zinn for some tips to help lower your energy bills:

TODAY: Chris, there’s a lot of money going down the drain on wasteful heating habits. What are some of these habits?

ZINN: With winter coming on you must realise that long baths or showers do add up —water heating is a key part of your power bill, however luxurious it might be. Limit if possible, or as they say — share! Heating too is costly. Restrict it to the rooms you use, putting the temperature down even a degree or two can make a big difference to the consumption.

TODAY: You say there are appliances in our home that are adding hundreds to our energy bills. What are the appliances that are costing us the most?

ZINN: Heating and cooling are the priciest items. Heaters can be 40% of your bill, so you can control the use and make them efficient. Insulation of rooms can save money and keep out drafts. Buy appliances with good energy star ratings — they make sense over time. Watch leaving TVs and other appliances on all the time as they all drain power. Don’t have things switched on unless you are using them.

TODAY: With temperatures dropping… what should we look for in heaters?

ZINN: Sadly the cheapest of heaters, usually electric plug in devices, are also the most costly to run. Invest where you can in good heating technology and insulation. Gas is an option for some, but the cost has gone up. Also, make sure ventilation is adequate.

TODAY: What are your top tips to cutting money on your bills?

ZINN: Here are my tips:

  • Get a way to monitor your consumption in real time– your provider can help and you can buy devices, apps etc.
  • Turn heating down a degree or two and don’t have on for too long or in rooms you hardly use.
  • Buy energy efficient devices–check out the star rating.
  • Insulation around doors windows and in the roof is invaluable.
  • Don’t sweat the small stuff cut down on the biggest users — hot water, swimming pool, heating etc.
  • Don’t pay a zac more than you need to get best energy deal you can.
  • Check out government websites with some really good energy saving tips — yourenergysavings.gov.au/energy

Interview and additional text by Lauren Hollands

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