As seen on TODAY: New Energy special offers for subscribers

9Saver Members who switch with Alinta Energy special offers could save hundreds!

Thanks to the combined power of almost 80,000 9Saver members, Alinta Energy has provided special offers on Electricity & Gas.

Subscribers can now access discounts with Alinta from 28-45% off electricity usage charges for the next 24 months when they pay on time & in full.

TODAY spoke with consumer campaigner Christopher Zinn who revealed how Aussie homes could save hundreds with reforms recommended by the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) and shared the details of these new offers.

TODAY: This conversation hasn’t just been happening since the ACCC report, this is two or three years in the making isn’t it?

ZINN: It is, but I think they have come down, they found out the market was confusing, it was unfair, and discounts were misleading. They’ve actually got 56 recommendations that can really straighten them out. So look, if all of those recommendations are taken up I think it will actually really shift the market and many people who pay much too much for electricity now will feel more empowered and confident to engage in the market, and get the kind of savings we’re talking out.

TODAY: The report revealed some pretty dodgy tactics on behalf of the big energy providers, didn’t it? How are they ripping us off?

ZINN: Yeah look, one of the things is about the standing offer you are on, so many people who haven’t switched end up paying top dollar on what’s called a standing offer. One of the recommendations is that there should be a default base rate which you actually get put on without having to make any effort. Then if you chose to switch and find a market offer that’s better that’s fine, but the people who don’t do anything aren’t left paying top dollar and that’s the problem at the moment.

TODAY: What can we do right now to save a buck?

ZINN: Of course energy efficiency, of course usage insulation, but the single best thing as we’ve said before is making sure you are not paying any more for your electricity than you need to, and again these ACCC figures, South Australian people on the standing offer are paying $750 more than people next door who are on market offers, so you need to make sure that you engage in the market, switch, or go to your provider and ask for something better. That was another thing in the report, those people who asked for a better deal not only got one, those people who threatened to leave actually got the full might of the retention squad down on them to say ‘look, we’ll give you X, Y, and Z.’ So to do nothing is a very costly option. To even take a little bit of effort can have some significant gains.

TODAY: How big can the savings be if you do shop around?

ZINN: If you’re already on a market offer, finding a better one, that can be three, four hundred dollars. It depends where you live, but if you’re on one of the most expensive offers it can be more than that. A large percentage of the people with the big three retailers have never switched. My cab driver coming in today said ‘I must do something.’ People know about it, and I don’t blame people for that, it’s just finding the confidence and ability, and that’s why I like campaigns like this, it’s just one way to do it. You can go to other comparison sites; you can go to government sites, this is one way I hope just gives people a little bit of a nudge to just see what’s possible.

TODAY: So what’s the special deal for Today Show views via 9Saver?

ZINN: The special offers are with Alinta Energy, who are a second tier player, but they’re very good. It’s 45% to 28% off; it depends where you live, along the eastern seaboard or South Australia. These are conditional discounts, so you do have to pay on time, you have to make sure it can do that, but its 24 months guaranteed that there will be that discount, and look, I would suggest you have a look, you can go to, register very quickly, no cost, no obligation. Then you can see what works for you. It may well be this offer, it may be calling up your provider today and saying ‘I’m with 9Saver, what are you going to do about it?’. If they’re not going to do something that’s exciting for you, well you’re free, switching is pretty simple.

TODAY: And anyone can apply for that deal?

ZINN: I’m afraid not in Western Australia or those places that the national energy market doesn’t actually work now, but otherwise,, it’s very simple it’s very straight, and those people who have been hesitant who are paying too much, just say that suggestion. We know people who have already switched that are saving hundreds of dollars on their bills, they don’t go back to the old system, they stay with the new one.

Pay on time discounts vary by state and are off electricity usage charges for each account you pay on time and in full. Rates are based on Alinta Energy’s published standing tariffs for each state which are subject to change in accordance with applicable laws and may change during the 24 month discount benefit period. Offer is available for a limited time only. You should check about any exit or cancellation fees from your current provider. RevTech Media earns a fee for each customer that takes up a special offer. These fees are shared with Nine Entertainment Corporation.