Exposed: The Energy industry’s best-kept secret

The lid is being lifted on the best-kept secret of power companies: many of their cheapest offers are NOT publicly available.

It’s common knowledge among energy insiders, but most of us don’t know it: the cheapest electricity deals are often not available to the general public.

These deals are often reserved for customers who are leaving, or for group discount clubs such as 9Saver that have the buying power to unlock them.

News Corp papers reported recently that 10-15% of switchers are lured back with secret retention offers.

“The main tactic — that has raised the ire of the consumer watchdog — is giving departing customers a cheaper deal once they are notified they are leaving,” they reported.

Switching rates are up – more than 2 million Aussies changed providers last year for the first time in history and 23% changed in the year leading up to June 2018 (up from 20% the year before).

But many switchers are not even aware of the biggest discounts out there.

There are TWO WAYS to access these bigger discounts:

1. Join a People Power group like 9Saver, or
2. Threaten to leave and see if your retailer offers a cheaper deal.

Either way, you have to be prepared to switch to save.

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^ source – Daily Telegraph