9Saver attracts over 100,000 homes looking to save on power bills

Since the 9Saver Summer Power Campaign kicked off two weeks ago, almost 5,000 Aussies have signed up to access exclusive energy discounts.

Research shows 58 per cent of Aussie households suffer from high to extreme bill stress, and as temperatures increase, so do our power bills, with the average household coping a $140 increase for the quarter.

“I would usually pay between $600 to $700 a quarter and now it’s gone up to almost $1000,” mother of two Thao Havenbond told A Current Affair. “You want to be able to have a cool home in summer and a warm home in winter. My husband and I work two jobs and the time with the kids is minimal simply because we have to work and pay the bills.”

While 54 per cent of Aussie households surveyed said they refrained from using fans or heaters to keep their bills down, 69-year-old Linda Goldsmith does not have this option, suffering from a rare lung condition that requires the temperature in her home to be controlled at all times.

“I’m extremely worried about the prices hiking over summer and I had this conversation with my daughter, who just sort of said that ‘you just have to cop it mum there’s really nothing you can do – you need it for health reasons,’” she said.

9Saver consumer campaigner Bek Day said the 9Saver campaign will be about showing the big energy providers that consumers are sick of being ripped off.

“The national regulator estimates that just by switching from the most expensive power offer to the least expensive you can save around $500 a year in some cases,” Day told A Current Affair.

“It’s about showing these big energy providers or mortgage providers or whatever the bill might be and showing them you know what? We are sick of paying premium prices for things, we want a better deal, and when we join our voices together that’s when we can absolutely make that happen. There’s no obligation to take up these offers once they come down we just want you to be informed, see what you can save and hopefully have some cash in the back pocket for Christmas.”

There is no need to avoid turning on the air con and suffer through Summer. Switching remains the quickest and most comfortable way to save on power.

You can sign up for the 9Saver summer power campaign by heading to 9saver.com.au and signing up for free with no obligation to take up any offer.

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