Final days before 9Saver launches summer energy offer

As temperatures increase so do our power bills, but there is still time to sign up for the 9Saver Summer Power Campaign and slash your summer costs.

There is still time to sign up to the 9Saver Summer Power Campaign and send a strong message to Australian power companies.

The group discounted electricity, gas and solar feed-tariff offers will go live early next week  thanks to the buying power of more than 100,000 9Saver members.

TODAY Extra spoke with 9Saver Consumer Campaigner Chris Zinn who said there is still time to urge power companies to unlock big group discounts and help thousands of households save on energy.

TODAY EXTRA: Chris, this is great news for Aussies heading into summer.. how can the campaign help cut our power bills?

ZINN: The campaign uses the buying power of more than 100,000 9Saver members to unlock big energy discounts and solar feed-in tariffs. It truly is people power in action, because these discounts would be very hard to achieve as an individual, but with this big group, the power companies really take note and come to the table with competitive offers. There are great savings on offer for those who switch.

The national energy regulators now estimates the average household can save hundreds of dollars – in some cases even over $500 – by switching from the most expensive offer on the market to the cheapest, and the ACCC agrees. In their recent report it says those who switch providers are the ones getting the best deals. Plus, according to our analysis of the Australian Energy Market Operator data,  more than 1.9 million Aussies have changed providers this year alone – which is a real endorsement of the benefits of shopping around for a better deal.

TODAY EXTRA: What kind of discounts can consumers receive?

ZINN: I’ve been involved in dozens of these campaigns over the years and we’ve seen time and again they can produce bigger discounts than you can get as an individual. And discounts have got bigger and bigger over the years – more than 20% is now quite common in most states.

The goal is to unlock offers on electricity, gas and solar feed in tariffs. These offers should go live early next week so there’s still time to join the fight and have your voice heard by these big power companies. You can still sign up after they come out but do it today via the website and it will also mean the offers will be delivered straight to your inbox as soon as they go live, so you won’t miss out.

TODAY EXTRA: How can people get involved?

ZINN: All you have to do is go to, enter a few details and register your interest. It’s free to sign up. It’s done entirely online and it only takes a few minutes. In doing so, you’ll be among the first to learn of the winning offers in your state. You can then switch to the 9Saver offer or use it to negotiate a better deal with your own provider

TODAY EXTRA: Finally, what are some additional ways people can save on their power in summer?

ZINN: Well, summer bills increase by $140 on average per household for the quarter. We tend to use more energy to stay cool so it’s a good opportunity to reduce those bills without having to suffer through Summer.

My first tip is reducing your aircon use. Only use it when you have to, and set the temperature to 22 degrees, not 18, to begin with (1 degree higher can save between 5-10% on your energy use). You should also clean your air con filters to make sure they work more efficiently.

Next, invest in shades and blinds. Heat gained through an unshaded window in summer can be 100 times greater than when it hits an insulated wall of the same area. Direct sunlight is no good. Insulation can be a cost but it’s worth it – one of the most cost efficient ways to lower your bill. Awnings can reduce your bill by 30%

Another great tip is utilising natural light. Make the most of the warm weather and dry your clothes outside. You can also reduce the thermostat on your hot water for washing machine and shower

Lastly, if you have solar panels, they need to be clean and working properly. One quarter of the nation’s 1.7 million solar setups are now more than six years old and need to be adequately maintained.

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