Final weeks for special Origin Energy discounts

Thanks to the support of more than 130,000 Aussie homes, 9Saver unlocked a series of exclusive energy discounts for summer.

A series of exclusive energy discounts and feed-in tariffs from Origin are coming to a close on February 1, after the biggest 9Saver campaign yet.

The exclusive ‘Origin Saver’ offers which won the 9Saver Summer Power Campaign are from Origin Energy and have no exit fees or lock in contracts.

The offers are available to new and existing Origin customers who pay on time and there are also pay-on-time gas discounts in NSW, VIC, QLD and SA.

Click here to see the special discounts from Origin Energy

For eligible solar customers, Origin Energy is also offering special ‘Solar Boost’ offers with lower discounts but higher retailer Feed-in Tariffs:

TODAY spoke with 9Saver consumer campaigner Bek Day who revealed the winning offer.

TODAY: Bek – the wait is over… What discounts have you been able to unlock?

DAY: We are thrilled to reveal Origin Energy – one of the country’s biggest energy retailers – has listened to the call of tens of thousands of Aussies and released some amazing energy offers just in time for Summer. These discounts are off Origin’s usage charges. They last for 12 months when you pay your bills on time. They are: 25% in New South Wales, 41% in Victoria, 28% in Queensland, 18% in South Australia and in WA where you can only switch gas – it’s a 36% discount.

TODAY: What about people looking to save money on their solar?

DAY: Yes, solar customers don’t miss out! The special “Solar Boost” offers might have a lower discount but it comes with a very high feed-in tariff. In NSW it’s a feed-in tariff of 22c per kWh, in Victoria 22c, Queensland you’ll get 17c per kWh and in SA there’s a feed-in tariff of 20c.

TODAY: How much can you save on these offers?

DAY: It all depends on what offer you’re on now of course and how much you use but these are big discounts and some of us could save hundreds by switching.

For example, I discovered I was getting no discount earlier this year so I switched in the last 9Saver campaign and saved an estimated $769. So that’s the upper limit of what’s possible.

TODAY: Can you still get on board if you haven’t signed up to 9Saver?

DAY: You definitely can. All you need to do is go to and enter a few details. Switching is surprisingly very easy. It only took me a matter of minutes to save hundreds. Of course, it is cost and obligation free, but as I say, you have to be in it to win it. My tip – don’t miss out – these exclusive offers will only be around for a limited time!

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