Deb & Tom’s Power Bills Get a Check-Up

How much could the Today hosts save by shopping around and switching on their own power bills? 9Saver investigates.

The winter chill is hitting many Australians hard with rising electricity and gas bills taking a toll on the average family budget.

9Saver Consumer Campaigner Christopher Zinn paid Today hosts Deb Knight and Tom Steinfort a visit to their homes to examine their electricity deals and to see if they could switch and save.

First up, Deb’s bill was put to the test and Chris was impressed with what he saw.

“You’ve got a very good conditional, pay on time discount of 25 per cent. You’ve got a fixed rate. It’s good but you could do better,” he said.

“We’ve cracked the numbers and by going to other providers you could save up to $300 a year,” he said.

Meanwhile Tom Steinfort has a small bill that is below the average of a one person household.

“You could go and save up to $80 a year, which isn’t a lot, but the point is, the more engaged you can get with it now the better position you’ll find yourself in the future,” said Zinn.

Chris’s number one piece of advice for those wondering if they can secure a better deal is to phone up your provider.

“It’s a very simple job. Phone up and ask, “what have you got that’s better,” said Zinn.

“Thinking it’s all too hard and boring will cost you money, waste your time and cause you worry,” he added.

If you are not impressed by their response to your request for a better deal you can switch providers which will take between five to ten minutes either on the phone or online.

“It really is so straightforward and simple and I know that many of the viewers have already done it and will be saying, ‘that was much easier than I thought’, he said.

In terms of other ways to save around the house Zinn offers these simple and cheap tips:

  • Thermostat – keep it around 18 to 20 degrees
  • Shorter showers – hot water makes up a big part of the energy bill
  • Stop the draught – use door snakes and close the curtains
  • Heat only the rooms you need and use

Chris Zinn also revealed a new set of electricity deals from Origin Energy for 9Saver members. You can click here to see the new deals.

“From July 1 all discounts had to be compared to a new benchmark set by the government which spelled the end to big headline discounts, but made it easier to compare,” he said.

Joining 9Saver is cost and obligation free and now boasts more than 178,000 members to date across Australia.

“All you have to do is go to and see if the offer is right for you,” he said.