UPDATE: Exclusive Discounts released after 40,000+ homes join Power Campaign

We want to harness the combined buying power of tens of thousands of Aussie homes to get you big Power Bill discounts!

Since the 9Saver Power Campaign launched in February, more than 40,000 households have banded together to successfully demand special Electricity and Gas offers from Australian power companies.

9Saver has approached leading energy retailers — using the combined buying power of the homes who joined — to get you huge discounts on your energy bills.

And no fewer than four leading energy retailers have sat up and taken notice and made a range of offers to Aussie homes in your area.

Click here to see the Special Offer now live in your area

For a limited time, subscribers who pay on time and in full can get special discounts of:

There are also offers on Gas in most states and offers for solar customers.

The winning offers from Alinta Energy, Kleenheat, Click Energy and Powershop have no exit fees or lock-in contracts (full details can be found on 9Saver.com.au).

Please remember: These special offers are not available to the general public and are available for a limited time only at 9Saver.com.au.

The 9Saver Power Campaign was launched to try and use the combined buying power of 10,000+ Aussie homes to source special energy discounts — we’ve quadrupled that target and are still welcoming new sign-ups.

People are still able to join now the offers are live, so sign up now or let a friend know so you receive any offers to your inbox.

“We were shooting for 10,000+ homes to show their interest by subscribing and we’ve quadrupled that, which made the group very attractive to the retailers,” consumer campaigner Christopher Zinn said

“If you join, you’ll receive the special energy discounts plus weekly tips and updates to your inbox and it’s up to you what you do with them — you can switch providers quite easily, or use the offers to negotiate with your current provider for a better deal.”

Zinn explained that the 9Saver Power Campaign is one that all Nine viewers can get involved with.

“Some people are rich and they just don’t like paying a zac more than they have to. Others are poor and they need to save every penny.”

“This is the first ever 9Saver campaign. 9Saver is the new website that pulls together all the money-saving tips and offers mentioned across Nine’s programs and presents them in one place. It’s a new destination for Australian households who want to save a few bucks on bills,” Zinn said.

* Offers are for a limited time only. You should check about any exit or cancellation fees from your current provider. RevTech Media earns a fee for each customer that takes up a special offer. These fees are shared with Nine Entertainment Corporation

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