Christmas seafood savings as supermarkets drop price of prawns

Presents are not the only items we want to be saving on this Christmas. There are many savings to be had when shopping for your festive feast.

Prawns are one of the most popular foods on the table at this time of year, and the good news is, prices are dropping.

Across the country, Coles has dropped the price of prawns to just $27 a kilogram, a saving of $4 dollars for customers.

Depending on the size and state, prices also start from $27 per kilogram at Woolworths, while at Aldi cooked tiger prawns are selling for $22.99 per kilogram.

3 ways to save on Christmas groceries:

In the pristine waters off Port Douglas, you’ll find the Santiego prawn trawler, home to some of the sweetest shellfish in the world.

“We’ve always got a mad rush down here, world famous prawns these guys,” says deckhand Julian Carberry.

They, along with farmers in Ayr, near Townsville, are hard at work with the holiday rush.

“It’s amazing. We’ve got over 100 staff at this time of the year working around the clock,” says Pacific Reef Fisheries’ John Moloney.

Their fresh prawns are headed straight for your local Coles.

“We work to get the prawns as quickly as we can from the farm to the deli,” says Coles spokesperson Martine Alpins.

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