Supermarket fire sale: How to snag a bargain this Christmas

It’s the week before Christmas and all through the store, you can find bargains, savings and great deals galore.

There are specials on ham, seafood, fresh produce, and puddings too.

And tonight, A Current Affair reveals the best discounts for you.

3 ways to save:

The supermarket price war has never been hotter than at Christmas time, and the big winners are shoppers wanting to snap up a bargain.

“We’ve got half price specials across the store. We’ve dropped the price of ham, puddings, pork, pies, christmas essentials like batteries and dish washing liquid. All the Christmas essentials,” says Coles spokesperson Martine Alpine.

Woolworths has matched Coles on many big selling items including fresh tiger prawns selling for $27/kilo. Mangoes are on offer for $2 each while pork leg roasts and single smoked ham are selling for $7 a kilo at both supermarkets.

Top Christmas Grocery Bargains

Black Tiger prawns Coles & Woolworths $27/kg
Tasmanian Salmon Woolworths $24/kg
Single Smoked Ham Woolworths & Coles $7/kg
Turkey Woolworths $7.50/kg
Pork Leg Roasts Woolworths & Coles $7/kg
Smoked Salmon 200g Aldi $9.99
Ocean Spray Cranberry Sauce Coles $2.80
Garlic Prawns Coles $22.50/kg
Mangoes Woolworths & Coles $2 each
Cherries Coles $11.80/kg
Pudding Coles $7
Lindt 147g chocolates Woolworths $6
Ferrero Rochers Woolworths $6.30
Cadbury Favourites Coles $6
Bulla 1L frozen custard Woolworths $4
Champagne Aldi $25
Finish Powder 32 packs Woolworths $18

However, when it comes to salmon, Woolworths has the best price on the market this Christmas.

“Tasmanian Aussie grown fresh Atlantic salmon, $24 a kilo down from $29.90, saving $5.90. It’s an amazing deal,” says Steve Donohue from Woolworths.

While the Woolworths self-basting turkey is selling for $7.50 a kilo, Coles is offering the best deal for cherries at $11.80 a kilo.

Aldi is also offering competitive prices, including $25 for a bottle of French Champagne, $2.80 for a jar of Ocean Spray Cranberry sauce and $9.99 for 200 grams of smoked salmon.

For sweet savings after dinner, the Coles pudding is down to just $7 while Woolworths is offering 150g Lindt chocolate for only $6 and a fifteen pack of Ferrero Rochers slashed by 50 percent to just $6.30.