The must-have rewards cards for every wallet

Nearly three quarters of all Australians are members of at least one customer rewards club, but with so many on the market it’s difficult to know which ones are worth it.

Here are savvy shopaholic Jo Munro’s recommendations when it comes to groceries, fashion, beauty and food.

3 ways to save:

TODAY: When it comes to buying groceries what are the best supermarket reward programs?

JO: FlyBuys – collect points to convert into cash or shop with their catalogue. You also get coupons mailed to you and special offers emailed to you. You can collect points from shopping, special offers and certain credit cards (we will post about them later).
EveryDay Rewards – earn money on certain purchases to use on future shopping trips.

TODAY: Which major retailers offer the most attractive reward programs?

JO: MyerOne – allows customers to earn points which you can then use as cash on their next purchase.

TODAY: When it comes to eating out which loyalty programs come out on top?

JO: Muffin Break – every 5th coffee is free plus a free muffin on your birthday.
Mad Mex – accrue money each time you shop to use on future purchases.

TODAY: Which clothing brands reward their customers well?

JO: Just Jeans – costs $5 to join then you earn money each time you shop.
Bonds – 20% off all purchases both in store and online.
Katies – subscribe to the mailing list and get $10 off your first order. As a member you will also earn 1 point for every dollar you spend. 100 points equallying a $5 voucher.

TODAY: What bargains are on offers when buying beauty and medical products?

JO: Priceline – their “Sister Club” earn points and get vouchers, a gift on your birthday and some exclusive discounts.
Essential Beauty – regular discounts, free services after 5 visits, a birthday freebie and more.
Amcal – earn 5 points for every $1 you spend. 500 points is a $5 Cash Reward to spend on your next purchase.

TODAY: How can we save when purchasing homewares and electronics?

JO: Ikea – Ikea Family offers lots of discounts plus a free small cake for members on their birthday.
House – join the VIP club and get a $20 reward for every $500 spent in any House store.
Adairs – join the Linen Lovers club for $19.95 and get a $20 voucher and 10% off full price items.