The Facebook groups saving bargain-hunters a packet

Parents are posting images of the bargains they discover in the grocery aisle and sharing them online.

A growing number of savvy shoppers are posting images of the deals they uncover in the grocery aisle and uploading them to online shopping communities.

The Facebook pages are popping up around the country, with Aussie mum and dads revealing where to find the best deals in the area.

“Everyone loves to save and if I can let everyone know exactly where it is that’s money in their pockets,” says online shopping expert Rickie Thompson.

Spotting specials is now a full time hobby for many parents who don’t enjoy paying full price or wasting time trawling through catalogues.

“When I’m walking down the aisle and I see the specials, my eyes just light up and it’s like I’m not just going to keep this to myself I’m going to share it with everybody,” adds mother of two Rickie Thompson.

“There’s plenty of mums who go to the shop every day and anyone can start it I’m just a normal mum who thought it was a good idea,” says Ms Thompson.

Rickie Thompson was encouraged by her own mother to created an online shopping community in North Queensland.

“Mum’s my inspiration for everything. I was in the supermarket 3/4 times a week, so she was like can you tell me when this is on special I need this so I was like how about I just do it for everyone,” she said.

Rickie now trawls the aisles armed with her camera phone, snapping pictures of specials and sharing them with her loyal followers who in turn post the deals they find.

“I pull out the phone and take the photo, log onto facebook and upload it to let everyone know Coles or Woolworths or IGA, go and grab a bargain before it’s too late,” she said.

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Many dads are also setting up online shopping communities for bargain hunters to enjoy.

When father Ben Spouse isn’t working in the mines, he is scanning the aisles looking for deals to upload online.

“I absolutely love saving money and love a special. I’m always on the hunt and If I can help other dads as well, more than happy,” he said.

He regularly uploads images in real-time so other shoppers don’t miss out on the deal.  

“If we think there’s a good special and there’s money to save…we’ll put them up to help other people save money,” he said.

Ben recently posted specials from the meat aisle, including sausages and ham.

“Generally we won’t put anything on the page if it’s not 50% off or more,” he said.

Supermarkets like Coles and Woolworths welcome Facebook communities and are encouraging all customers to approach shopping in the same way.

“What Ben and Rickie are doing is fantastic because it’s sharing the savings that everyone can take advantage of!,” says Coles spokesperson Martine Alpins.

“We know our customers love our specials, so the more people that know about it, the better. Whether you’re in Cairns or Cooloongatta, or in Bondi or Bowral, you’ll have the same specials state by state,” she said.