How To Cook One Dollar Meals For Your Family

A Melbourne mother of two shares tips for cutting meal costs to one dollar per serve!

The weekly food shop is one of the biggest chunks out of our budgets, but what if you could actually save $600 a month on your family’s groceries?

Melbourne mum-of-two Penina Peterson has cut her meal costs to just one dollar per serve.

Here, she shares her tricks of the trade with Today Extra.

TODAY: How is it even possible to make meals that are $1 per serve?

PENINA: I like to keep my food simple. I was getting really frustrated with meals that were very complex, so I save time and money by cooking meals with five ingredients or less.

TODAY: If you’re looking to save $600 a month on your grocery shop, what ingredients should you look or when you are doing the weekly grocery shop?

PENINA: I would suggest purchasing meat that is on special and buying fresh fruit and veggies. Also opt for homebrand canned goods and buy pasta and rice.

TODAY: So when it comes to actually making meals you say cooking in bulk is key.. What are some of your family-friendly dinner ideas that won’t break the bank?

PENINA: I’d recommend meals like chilli con carne, chicken curries, meatloaf, pizza and bolognese.

TODAY: Finally, what’s your advice for people at home who want to be more budget savvy when it comes to meal prep?

PENINA: Try to use up leftovers, that can can save you a further $200 a month. It also helps to spring clean and declutter the kitchen, buy the right kitchen gear — such as colour coding your shopping bags. Finally, be open to new things!

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