5 clever ways to save on your Grocery Bills

From new apps to shopping online and rewards programs, here are 5 ways to save on Groceries.

Aussies spend $106 billion on food and beverages every day!

That’s a lot of money – so any chance in picking up a bargain at the supermarket makes a difference.

TODAY pulled together some tips to save on Grocery bills.

TODAY: There are some ways to help us save on our weekly shop – let’s begin with a shopper savvy app that you have found.

Trolley Saver is an Aussie app that’s designed to save you money at supermarkets. The app currently links to Coles, Woolworths, Aldi and numerous independent grocery stores. Based on your shopping list and the current specials at local supermarkets, it then tells you where to shop to save money. Price: Free to download App store rating & reviews: 2 stars “Keeps crashing.” “Great idea needs some tweaking.” “Saved $40 last shop.”

TODAY: Shopping online is not only convenient and easy – it’s also a simple way to save some cash?

No more wonky trolleys, florescent lights and long queues. Even better you can compare products with just a couple of clicks. Coles and Woolworths for example allow you to change the filers on your settings. If comparing on price alone be sure to sort your list by unit price from low to high. This way you’ll be able to see which item gives you the best value for your dollar. Coles delivery costs can vary depending on location and time of day. Generally most metro  delivery fees range between $4 and $18. Harris Farm offers free delivery on the first three orders if over $80. Grocery Run charges a flat $9.99 delivery fee. If these days don’t suit or your shop is a small one then ask if the offer a click and collect service.

TODAY: Now expiry dates can look a lot scarier than they are – knowing the difference between ‘best before’ and ‘use by’ can help save on wastage, is that right?

Don’t be afraid to eat food that may have past their “best before” date. Food Standards Australia New Zealand reassure us that you can still eat foods for a while after the best before date as they should be safe but they may have lost some quality. This is different to a ‘use by’ date where food must be thrown away by the date specified to avoid food poisoning. Common ‘best before’ foods include canned foods, biscuits, sauces, chocolate and sugar.

TODAY: Using supermarket rewards programs can be very beneficial for your bank account, can’t it?

If you can pay off your credit card in full every month, before the expiry of your interest free period, then a credit card with a loyalty program partnered with your supermarket could work for you. You’ll be able to earn points from your grocery spend and those points could be redeemed for discounts at the supermarket check-out. Woolworths Everyday Platinum Card (4 stars from Canstar) is currently offering a $100 Woolworths eGift Card when you apply by March 31 and make a purchase by April 30. No annual fee applies in the first year ($49 thereafter). Card comes with 55 days interest free although purchase rate is 19.99%.

TODAY: Finally – meal planning isn’t just good for your health it can also save you hundreds of dollars from eating out throughout the week.

Meal planning is the essential foundation for grocery savings. Ideally you want to check supermarket catalogues, this can be done online, create a shopping list based on what’s in your pantry and what’s on sale then find recipes that include these ingredients. Always by produce that’s in season and avoid impulse buys.

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