How Artificial Intelligence can help you shop for your favourite meals

The cutting edge artificial intelligence in new website Playt just made shopping for groceries even more simple!

Forgetting a vital ingredient for dinner can be one of the great shopping frustrations. But a new website is promising to make that problem — and trawling through the supermarket aisles — a thing of the past.

Playt can identify ingredients from recipes and generate a shopping order and the technology is so revolutionary it’s attracting interest from international grocery chains.

“Its recipe technology that lets you shop any recipe, anywhere at anytime,”  Playt Co-Founder Jason Neave said.

Playt is a new website designed for mobile phones and desktops to ensure you never forget any ingredients. Users can select a meal from thousands of online recipes. And it automatically creates a shopping list, ready to be delivered.

“We use artificial intelligence to automatically convert ingredients in a shopping list that you can customize,” Playt CoFounder Nicole Henderson said.

Developed in Adelaide, the free service has partnered with Woolworths who will deliver the goods which helps save consumers time.

Customers can add or delete products — reducing wastage — and even order their entire household goods at the same time, from the comfort of home or the office.

“You actually don’t have to go to the store again,” Henderson said.

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And developers are looking to take this technology even further. Soon users will also be able to take a photo of the ingredients from their favourite recipe book and have them delivered straight to their door.

“You can literally wipe the dust off your Nan’s cookbook and get the ingredients delivered in a flash,” Henderson said.

And it’s some of the most advanced shopping technology currently available around the world.

“The technology that we’re using is still pretty cutting edge nationally but also in a global sense,” Neave said.

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