Tips and tricks to ensure you never pay full price online again

Everything you need to know about the apps, rewards and coupons that can save you money on your digital shop  

Thanks to online shopping applications such as Honey, GetPrice and ShopBot, the way you shop online is set to change, for the better. These price comparison and coupon sites will help you find the best deal for the items you’re after — saving you time AND money.

And while these will give you the chance to score bargains all year round, there are also a number of online shopping events that you’ll want to block out in your calendar so you don’t miss out on limited time offers.

TODAY chatted to Jo Munro, known as the ‘Savvy Shopaholic’ for all the secrets on how to save money online.  

TODAY: Jo – first of all, how can we find the best online price?

MUNRO: Several ways!  If I am looking for a specific product I check pricing using comparison websites like or to ensure I have the very best price.  I also make sure I have registered on the email list and social media sites of the brands I am shopping.  Brands will reward their devoted shoppers with early notice of sales, bonuses and coupons and special sale events.  

TODAY: What are the best shopping events we should keep an eye out for?

MUNRO:  During the retail year, there are special shopping events like Click Frenzy or Vogue shopping nights.  These events showcase a range of fabulous brands all discounted for the 24 hour event window.  They often feature treasure hunt shopping with massive discounts on items some up to 99% off.  To make the most of these events, being on your favourite brand’s email list will often extend the sale time for you.  Many of the brands will offer discounts extended well past the event close.

TODAY: What about coupons and vouchers?

MUNRO:  If doing the research is a too bit much for you, using apps or deal trackers like Honey is a great way to ensure you get all of the bonuses and discounts on offer.  Just install on your browser and the Honey browser icon will appear and will flash with a little green button if it finds deals on the site you are shopping.  It also will track products on Amazon and let you know when the best deal is available.  You can set it to monitor for 30, 60 or 90 days and Honey will email alert. This almost automates your savvy discount shopping.

TODAY: And now you can claim cash back?

MUNRO: Cashback sites like Price pal, Cash rewards and Shop back offer cash back into your bank account by shopping via their sites or by installing their browser extension. Shop back also features ‘upsize codes’ for further discounts off sites like Groupon. These sites also can be used with events like Click Frenzy too. My favourite way to use these sites is to check out the specials at stores, for example somewhere like Dan Murphy. I then shop via the cashback site so I qualify for the cash back additional to the discount on the sale item. Then I opt for click and collect so I can go to the store in an hour and pick up my goodies.

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