Slash grocery costs by up to $100 a week

How one Queensland mum is helping families cut their weekly groceries by huge amounts

Cost of living in Australia has been rising significantly in recent years and many households are feeling the struggle.

Like many Queensland residents, Ipswich mum Courtney Brown juggles her household budget to make ends meet.

“You see a lot of families struggling especially if they are on one income and especially having kids,” Brown — who is the founder of Feed Your Family On A Budget, which shows families how to cook meals without breaking the bank — said.

And this Ipswich mum is out to prove you can survive — and even thrive; “with budget recipes, clever buys and even genius hacks,.”

Browns Facebook blog Feed Your Family On A Budget now has over 72,000 followers — indicating that her family focused tips are striking a chord with other parents and families.

“Just by doing the $50-odd save each week – that’s nearly two and a half grand for the entire year,” Brown told Nine News.

While Brown’s grocery bill previously came in at spending $200 a week, the Ipswich resident’s thrifty approach has reduced her bill so dramatically that it now comes in at $100 — and that’s for a family of four.

Brown posts her savings tips online — and many members of her online community provide their own suggestions and recipes in the comments.

Like Feed Your Family On A Budget’s $10 meal challenges – and Brown explained that these meals can actually come together for as little as $9 while still providing enough food for a family of four.

Weekly meat supermarket specials are flagged on her blog along with birthday cake hacks that use $5 supermarket mudcakes — tricked up with just a few trimmings — to create impressive treats that come in at under $25.

Brown said that when it comes to reducing your grocery bill it’s often the little things that make a difference — using up products in your pantry before they expire and freezing leftovers instead of forgetting about them in the fridge.

“Just finding little tips and tricks to cut it down basically.”

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