Up to 50% off as David Jones and Myer launch sales early

Get your winter gear with big discounts as the major players kick off their mid-season sales this week

The winter stock take sales traditionally kick-off in winter, but 2018 has seen a change in the dates big Aussie retailers are starting to discount their winter items.

While mid-season sales typically start on June 1, this year Myer and David Jones have pulled the trigger a few days early, hoping to shift the coats, scarves and gloves shoppers haven’t been buying throughout an unseasonably warm autumn.

“We have some wonderful offers with up to 50% off women’s wear children’s wear, shoes and accessories,” Louise Miller from David Jones said.

“We expect to see an increase in foot traffic through our doors this is one of our busiest periods and we have some great offers for all of our customers,” Miller said.

While it’s good news for shoppers, ultimately, it’s not so great for the big retailers. It’s no secret both are struggling to compete with foreign brands and online shopping.

And recent reports say some analysts think the warmer lead in to winter will impact sales in the fourth quarter. 

Earlier this year, Myer announced a loss of almost half a billion dollars for the first half of the financial year while the value of David Jones was written down by more than 700 million.

Both retail giants are now hoping the cold will finally heat-up the cash registers.

“We’ve had warm weather earlier the colder weather in the last few weeks has certainly helped, and we are seeing more customers out there buying their knitwear and their coats their pajamas and things so we’re back on track,” Tony Sutton from Myer said.

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