Supermarket bonus scheme failings exposed

A Nine News investigation has revealed some Queensland homes are missing out on points

Some major supermarkets are using a new tactic to lure customers in — promising big bonus points through their loyalty schemes.

A Nine News investigation in Queensland has revealed some are missing out on points, and have uncovered ways the public can make sure they’re not being shortchanged.

Every time you swipe at the supermarket, you can earn valuable points for vouchers, discounts and even holidays. And both Coles Flybuys and Woolworths Everyday rewards offer bonus points — to help you supercharge your rewards.

“Flybuys issues 10s of billions of bonus points each year its the best way to make the most of your flybuys account,” Martine Alpins from Coles said.

But a Nine News investigation can now reveal you must check your points. Woolworths rewards customers have complained that “promises of triple points…are not what it seems,” — and that email offers are sometimes late.

The Coles Flybuys facebook page reveals customers are complaining about bonus items not being available at stores, points not being credited, and missing fuel offers.

“Its a very small amount of members perhaps around 0.2 per cent where we’ve had to re-credit their account,” Alpins said.

Some shoppers believe the schemes are too complicated. The main things to remember are to activate your offer before you shop and make sure you’re buying the correct products.

Consumer experts Canstar Blue say be careful you don’t end up buying things you don’t need. They explained that if you’re shopping for that item already its a super easy way to accrue points but its advisable to not go out of your way to accrue those points.

Shoppers often complain to get the biggest bonus points you have to pay full price for a product. But bonus point fanatics say groceries often go on sale towards the end of the rewards promotion — it’s worth waiting if you can.

If your points don’t add up — contact Coles Flybuys or Woolworths Rewards so they can check you’ve got what you’re entitled to.

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