The everyday group of Aussies helping you slash your grocery bill

From pet food marked down by 90%, to 2 litres of milk under 50 cents. This group of Aussies is making the dream of finding a bargain at the supermarket a reality.

Imagine picking up a kilo of 100% Australian Lamb fillets for no more than 13 cents. What about a boneless stuffed chicken? That could be just 15 cents. Tubs of brand name strawberry yoghurt? Only six cents.

For years the Australian supermarket giants have donated their perishable products to various charities, but with such an abundance of fresh food available every day, they can still make a small sale rather than it going to waste.

Now a group Aussies have come together to help each other out with nationwide sale prices and specials.

Only nine weeks young, the Facebook community ‘Markdown Addicts Australia’ is 22,000 members strong.

“It’s quite easy for me to feed my family. Most nights I can feed them for under $5 per night,” said Markdown Addicts Australia founder Kimberley Beltram.

“It is a massive community vibe – we have people helping people from Western Australia that live in New South Wales.”

“It [markdowns] happens in every store – you’ve just got to be there at the right time.”

With retailers forced to turn-over perishable stock, the Markdown Addicts have mobilised – photographing and posting savings and specials.

They’ve identified the early afternoon and an hour before stores close identified as the best times to save.

“For us, it’s about running good stock and making sure we’ve got the right product at the right price,” said Woolworths head of sustainability Adrian Cullen.

So keep an eye out, and maybe you will find yourself taking home products marked down up to 99%, and helping out other Aussies while you’re at it.

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