Home brand v branded: The products that could save you hundreds

Research reveals 85% of Aussie shoppers prefer home brand products over their branded equivalent. TODAY reporter Jessica Millward put this claim to the test.

How much of a difference is there between ‘home brand’ or ‘branded’ products? Do you prefer the taste of one or the other? Or does it all come down to cost. Now, more than ever, supermarkets are pulling out all the stops to provide shoppers with some home brand alternatives, and there has never been more choice.

“Customers will see a lot of own brand on Coles shelves,” said Coles senior communications manager Martine Alpins. “Coles home brand has come so far over the years.”

“Our first goal is to get the right products at the right price for our customers,” said Peter Hathaway from Woolworths. “Cost is a no brainer, everybody needs great value products but we really strive to say that we don’t compromise quality and the value and the nutrition.”

But do the promises stack up? TODAY Show reporter Jessica Millward hit the shops, and put the products to the test with blogger Valeria Ramirez and her five-year-old son Orlando.

The products compared were glad wrap, milo, bags of chips, juice, bread, grain cereal, olive oil, cheese, yoghurt and instant noodles.

After the taste test, Valeria and Orlando chose the branded version of three items, and preferred the taste of the home brand products for the rest.

Valeria felt the Coles brand glad wrap was just as good as the branded.

Olive oil Milo Glad wrap
Grain cereal Chips
Juice Bread
Instant Noodles

But how did the two compare at the register?

The home branded trolley came to a total of $29.90, and the branded products cost a total of $49.90, giving you a saving of around $20 for the exact same products.

So, next time you’re at the shop, why not look at the cheaper option? It could end up saving you hundreds.

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