The game-changing app helping Aussies save on groceries

If you’re sick of trawling through dozens of supermarket catalogues to find a discount at the supermarket, this app will do the work for you.  

A trip to the supermarket can quickly blow your budget, but the new app ‘ShopJam‘ is hunting down the discounts for you, and it might just change that.

TODAY spoke with Jane De Graaff from 9Kitchen who talked through the app and its benefits.

TODAY: Jane — ‘ShopJam’ sounds pretty good?

DE GRAAFF: This one is like a game for your grocery shopping. I love that you can make two lists (one for Woolies and one for Coles) and then just go straight to the aisles in-store for your items, because it tells you exactly where to find them. It’s even better that you can link up with your supermarket account for the store and have the items delivered if you don’t have time to go in. It’s a really easy interface to use and you can make complete shopping lists, not just lists of specials. So it cuts shopping time. The total savings and the percentage of savings help you see exactly how much you’ve reduced your shop by and it’s the most useful app in terms of saving time. The images are great and the bar code scan lets you shop for the items you love, from your own home. I’m not usually so enthusiastic about these apps, but this one is useful, comprehensive and kind of fun at the same time. The only down side is that it does not include ALDI in the comparisons, but that would have a lot to do with ALDI currently not being available for online shopping in the same way that Woolies and Coles are.

TODAY: It’s not the only one though – tell us about ‘Trolley Saver.’

DE GRAAFF: Trolley Saver is good for comparisons between Coles, Woolies and ALDI, so there are even more savings options. You can set alerts for the percentage of saving you want on specific items (like pet food or soft drink etc) and it will send you an alert. But there’s no isle guide once you’re in store. And it’s not as good for doing your complete shopping list. It’s really mostly about the discount items for the day/week rather than what you actually need for your weekly shop. It does create separate lists for your different supermarket shops, which means you don’t need to sort through them for each shop you visit, which is a good thing. No delivery option currently.

TODAY: What about ‘GroceryGetter’?

DE GRAAFF: GroceryGetter also does Coles, Woolies and ALDI in your area. Again there was no delivery option currently and no isles listed in-store. It’s great for price comparisons of where items have the biggest discount, but it was a little lacking in images of products. It tells you total savings though, and creates one list for you to work through. So it’s simple and again it’s about the bigger discounts per item rather than a cheaper overall comprehensive shopping trip. So it’s really good if you want to stock up on something when it’s cheap.

TODAY: And the other way to save is through the direct supermarket apps?

DE GRAAFF: Coles and Woolies both have apps that let you look at specials but also do all your shopping online for pick up or delivery. You can avoid impulse buys by sticking to your list or option to collect the shopping rather than selecting from the isles yourself. You can select the discounts that they have all located in one part of the app, which is great. The Coles app has a barcode scan (like the Shop Jam app) to help you easily find items you’re running low on at home. And you can complete the whole shopping experience online. ALDI does not facilitate shopping online, but you can search by category to see what’s on special and discount. The savings here are big, but you can’t order the items, you still have to take your list in-store and pick the items yourself. But you can see all the specials in one easy spot. All the apps are useful, better than catalogues and help save you money, you just need to pick the one that will work best for you. If you’re loyal to a supermarket, then the store’s own app is a good choice. If you want to do your full shop easily and find which store has which items cheaper and where the isles ate (and then have it delivered to you), then ShopJam is comprehensive. If you’re just looking for the best discounts and savings going around and don’t mind heading in store yourself or want to stock up on something when it’s at a 50% discount then Trolley Saver and GroceryGetter (and their alerts) are great.

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