Australia’s answer to Amazon?

Online retail giant Amazon didn’t have the expected punch on the market but a new Australian owned Mega Mall could be the next shoppers’ paradise.

Why shop till you drop when the leg work can be done from your fingertips?

Enter Aussie Mega Mall with more than 30,000 online stores.

Offering air-conditioners, crafts, manchester, pet supplies and even shoes you’re bound to find what you’re looking for.

“By having all the online stores in one place, it allows you to search by aisle and search by product,” says Aussie Mega Mall’s Kerry Dutton.

The website is Australia’s answer to Amazon.

“We are fighting back because we only allow Australian stores in our site,” Ms Dutton added.

It means shoppers get a look at a wide range of bargains from unique Mum and dad owned shops that might not be big enough to afford their own website promotions.

“Customers still demand an online presence so this is great for small retailers,” says Dr Gary Mortimer from QUT School of Business.

The site allows you to set a preferred payment method so if you want to pay by credit card points you can narrow your product search.

Like traditional retailers, online stores on the Mega Mall must offer a refund if the product is faulty or not as described, but if you simply change your mind customers might not be able to return the product and are being told to check before they buy.

Dr Gary Mortimer said, “Remember if you’re dealing with these brands you’re dealing direct with the retailers not Aussie Mega Mall.”

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