Save up to 60% on Aussie fashion brands at Costco

The tough sales environment for retailers and fashion-houses is creating new opportunities for smart-shoppers in places you might not normally expect

Buying in bulk, making big savings and huge warehouse stores — just a few things Aussies might think of when asked about Costco. But that could all be about to change, with big name Aussie brands starting to appear on Costco’s aisles.

But before you jump in the car and head for your nearest Costco outlet, shopping for clothes at Costco should be done with tips from the insiders.

“Buy two … we have an excellent refund policy, where you can just bring it back,” Costco Womenswear buyer Christi Russell told Nine News.

And while buying two of the same item might seem counterintuitive when you only need, well, one of them — there is logic behind Russell’s suggestion.

At Costco, there are no changing rooms, and no mirrors. So there’s no way of seeing whether your new look is fabulous or falls short.

However, it’s looking likely that more and more people will shop there for clothing. Big-name brands are turning up in the aisles as department store sales get tougher.

“I think there’s a lot of desperate retailers, and indeed a lot of desperate national brands,” Founder of Retail Oasi, Stephen Kulmar said.

And well-known Australian brand Sportscraft — established in Melbourne in 1914 — is one of them.

The brand has traditionally relied on the big department stores — a staple on the floor at the likes of David Jones and Myer. But now, selected ranges are in Costco.

“We have seen a number of brands come in and do business with us. Sportscraft is one of them, Managing Director of Costco Australia, Patrick Noone said.

For consumers, there’s a very real benefit to bigger brands taking selected lines or products to Costco.

“The average saving you will probably find would be between 40 and 60% to the market-place.,” Costco Menswear buyer Mark Owens said.

The reason the savings are so big is that Costco buys just one or two lines, however it buys those lines by the pallet-load.

“We buy one product, and we go big on it,” Russell said.

It’s not the only big Aussie brand making the shift … Bettina Liano has lines in Costco, looking for volume. International brands including Levi, Adidas, DKNY, Calvin Klein and Tommy Hilfiger have been there since the outset.

“By selling in Costco, brands suddenly shift their bias around quality to price. Costco is known for great prices,” Kulmar said.

It’s worth keeping in mind that with the lack of mirrors and changing rooms, Costco is not really a clothing store. It’s much more a case that while you’re passing by, you might just snag a bargain.

“I’d like to think that people are coming here for the fashion, but more than likely they’re coming here for the food,” Owens said.

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