IKEA launches second hand furniture service

The Swedish furniture giant is introducing a new service for customers who have preloved items they want to make some extra cash from

It’s known for its space saving furniture solutions, maze-like superstores, huge packets of tea lights and tasty Swedish fare from its signature restaurants. But now, Ikea is venturing into the second hand market space.

If you’re looking to make cash off your trash, selling second-hand furniture is one way to do it. But offloading it can take time, and Ikea wants to help consumers consider other options than throwing out their old Ikea pieces that aren’t selling instantly.

The retail giant is trialling a service where customers can trade in used goods — for money to spend in store.

“Last year 50% of the population threw away some type of furniture and we want to help them recycle it,” Ikea’s Sustainability Manager Kate Ringvall said.

The process to see if you can sell back your goods to the store is simple. Customers fill in an online form along with a photo of their used furniture — so remember to show all views and any wear and tear.

An Ikea staff member will then assess the piece of furniture and offer a voucher price for the piece. If accepted, customers can take the furniture in to an IKEA store where it’ll be up put up for sale with other second-hand items.

If you’re worried you’ll only make a few bucks from your second hand items, Ringvall said that the voucher offered; “could be anything up to 50% of the value.”

The hand-me-downs need to be in useable condition, give or take some wear and tear.

While similar services have been trialled in Europe and Asia, Sydney is the only place in Australia currently running the trial.

If it’s successful, it could indeed be rolled out elsewhere across the country — so before you say goodbye to your old Klippan sofa or Malm bed, see if you can make something back to buy a new one!

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