The new app bringing a personal touch to online shopping

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Almost 50% of Australian’s shop online, and there’s a new app that is looking to bring back the personal touch you get from visiting a store in person.

Shopple is set to provide customers with a completely new way to shop online, giving those who use it access to in-store sales teams via live-link video chat.

TODAY Extra spoke with Shopple founder David Pollard and his wife Bianca to find out more.

TODAY EXTRA: Bianca, let’s start with you… We hear you were actually the inspiration for this app, where did the idea come from?

BIANCA: David actually came up with the idea soon after we had our little girl, Evie. Being a new mum was pretty overwhelming and some days I struggled to find the time to shower let alone get out of the house! I found myself sending Dave off to the shops to buy things that I needed. One time in particular, I actually sent him off to buy a breast pump and I think it wasn’t until he arrived at the baby store that he realised he had no idea what he was doing so he face timed me and I was able to speak with the sales person to get the advice that I needed and being able to see the product in real time was really helpful. We realised there must be an easier way!

TODAY EXTRA: So David, we understand it’s like Skype for shopping.. can you explain to us exactly how Shopple works?

DAVID: Think FaceTime for retail. Shopple connects online shoppers with in-store sales staff via live video. We are combining some of the best things about online & in-store shopping, giving people an easier way to shop online.

There are two ways you can connect – via the Shopple website itself or directly through the retailer’s website. The salesperson answers the call on a mobile device and can take the customer around the store to show them products & give them advice in real time.

TODAY EXTRA: Bianca, so if you find something you like, how do you go and pay for it?

BIANCA: Soon you’ll actually be able to pay for the purchase through the Shopple platform itself, but for the time being you can complete the purchase via the retailer’s eCommerce site like you would any other online purchase.

TODAY EXTRA: So David, the app is launching nationally today, which stores is it available in?

DAVID: We’ve launched today with 10 retailers on the platform, but we’re expecting this to grow rapidly as more people become aware of the Shopple. Right now you can shop for outdoor furniture, women’s clothes, flowers & you can even purchase a used car through our latest retailer sign on, HelloCars.

TODAY EXTRA: Bianca, it’s a great service, just how much does it cost to use?

BIANCA: For consumers it’s absolutely free to use Shopple which is fantastic and for retailers looking to come on board, they would be paying a small monthly fee per store.

Interview and additional text by Luke Worthington.

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