How your CV can help you make money in 2018

  • Easy ways to ensure that you don’t miss out on that big pay rise or promotion this year. 

If you’ve struggled to land your dream job, hit a stall on the career ladder or missed out on the pay rise you’ve been hoping for, you’re not alone.

A recent survey of 50,000 CVs by job search platform Adzuna revealed that a shocking 91% of Aussies are making simple mistakes in our CVs — which could be costing us jobs and promotions.

According to Adzuna’s analysis of CVs in each state, Western Australia leads the charge — a staggering 73% of CVs from WA contained at least one spelling error. Queensland followed closely behind at 71%.

But it’s not just careless spelling that is costing Australians money — everything from writing CVs in a colloquial, biographical style to missing out important job history is ensuring that our nation’s resumes are not meeting the standards needed to bring in the big bucks.

TODAY chatted to Adzuna CEO Raife Watson about how Aussies can get our CVs back on track and make some extra dollars along the way…

TODAY: It’s shocking that 91% of us our making mistakes on our CVs. Is it mainly spelling in our CVs that is costing us jobs?

RAIFE: Well tidying up our CVs is important — 91% of Australians make errors in their CVs, whether that be gaps in employment history, CVs that are too long or too short, or, quite simply, spelling mistakes.

TODAY: What sort of jobs should we apply for?

RAIFE: Apply for jobs in growing industries. Growing industries are industries that desperately need staff. When there is a demand for staff, the job seeker has the power to ask for more money. Look at jobs in growing industries such as healthcare and IT. These industries pay higher salaries.

TODAY: Is there anything we can do to add value to what we offer as an employee?

RAIFE: Upskill yourself. This means doing a course that can take you to that next level, that next pay-grade. For example, a carpenter can attain their Master Builders accreditation and can then take on bigger jobs with bigger budgets.

TODAY: What if we are already in a job and are unhappy with the pay?

RAIFE: Schedule that pay-review. This is a simple one. Schedule a pay-review with your boss and go to the meeting prepared with a case for why you are worth more money than you are currently being paid.

For those with little experience of writing CVs, or who have an outdated CV that’s in need of a spring clean, there are a number of different free resume checking services online — including ValueMyCV, ResumeCentre and CVSaviour — that offer feedback and tips for improving resumes.

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