A look at Aldi’s new affordable homewares range

Ahead of its general release on Wednesday, A Current Affair gave viewers a sneak peek at the supermarket brand’s new bathroom, bedroom and lounge room pieces

If you’re looking to makeover your lounge room, freshen up your bathroom or give your bedroom some extra cosy touches, there’s now a new player in town when it comes to home decorating.

Know for their affordable groceries, and for ditching the disposable plastic bags before the major Aussie supermarkets — Aldi has taken Special Buys to the next level, releasing an affordable range of homewares for the bathroom, bedroom and lounge room.

With many Aussies looking for a bargain when it comes to renovating their homes, the new Style Your Room Special Buys could mean that you can pick up something for the lounge room at the same time as buying your weekly food shop — and all without breaking the bank.

But is it too good to be true, does the quality of these items stack up, and are the prices really worth the mad rush in stores? A Current Affair spoke to Interior Designer Tina Chalabian to preview the new range and discuss which pieces are the best value and quality.

“I think Aldi has definitely seen a gap in the market,” Chalabian told A Current Affair. “I think what’s exciting to me is the approach, the overall approach they’ve taken.”

First up A Current Affair looked the Style Your Room selection named the Neo Classic — and the stand out pieces from this bedroom range.

“For me the stand out point (are) the beautiful elements of texture of the beautiful plush throw to the velvet chair,” Chalabian said.

The Neo Classic Range

You can pick up this velvet chair below (seen in grey on A Current Affair) for just $99.99

Finishing touches, such as the grey cushions featured on this bed below are just $12.99

PLUS...A Current Affair showed a set of three framed prints from the Neo Classic range for $49.99 -- the below three also come in at the same price!

“Definitely on trend but they’re not overly trendy, so it’s nice they’ve been able to do it in a way that’s timeless rather than just be something that’s going to be phased out quickly,” Chalabian said.

Next, A Current Affair took a look at items from Aldi’s new Indigo Earth range within the Style Your Room Range.

“It’s calming, the blues are very different to the mono-chromatic white,” Chalabian explained.

The Ingido Earth Range

This woven rug below can be yours for $49.99

This accent chair below is on sale for $99.99

Plush throw blankets such as the one below can be found for $16.99 each

Plus, if either of those aren’t your style, A Current Affair also showed items from Aldi’s additional range of items called the Plantation Range — where you can pick up stylish items for the bedroom or the bathroom!

The Plantation Range

The Queen bedspread below is available for $59.99

Or grab this bathrug for $19.99 and set of towels for $29.99 -- both below.

And when it comes to the question of the quality of the items, Chalabian thinks the new range will fill a hole in the market.

“I think there’s a place in the market for everything. I think there’s a place in the market for expensive items as well as not so expensive items,” she told A Current Affair. “This gives you an option of being able to revamp your home without paying the earth for it,” she explained.

Marketing Expert Rohan Miller thinks consumers will see more of these types of products from Aldi. “It’s really unique what they are trying to do,I guess what they are trying to do is reposition their business as a grocery store that sells furniture,” Miller told A Current Affair. “They are bringing everything together in a way that the other retailers haven’t dared.”

“It’s going to be really interesting to see how it works. I guess we can look at David Jones who have done really well with their food offerings while their other products like furniture are laggits,” Miller said.

And with limited stock, the advice is — if you want to get your hands on the Style Your Room range — get in early!

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