Are you Eligible for Special Energy Rebates?

We all love government freebies, but sometimes the hardest part can be finding where to apply.

We all love government freebies, but sometimes the hardest part can be where to apply.

Recently, eligible NSW seniors were promised $200 a year from the Berejiklian State government, but this is just the crest that forms an enormous wave of energy cashback opportunities.

It isn’t just good news in NSW, with multiple states increasing the sum of their grants every year.

There are hundreds more dollars to claim in most states, especially for pensioners and low-income earners, and it is worth checking if you’re eligible for some assistance.

We’ve summarised the main rebate items you might be able to claim in your state:


The Low-Income Household Rebate helps NSW households pay their electricity bills and provides up to $285 a year to eligible customers who hold an electricity account, or $313.50 a year to eligible long-term residents of residential communities and retirement villages.

The Family Energy Rebate of $180 is available to applicants who received the Family Tax Benefit (FTB) from the Department of Human Services (DHS) in the previous financial year and do not hold a DHS Concession Card or Health Care Card.

The Gas Rebate now provides $90 per financial year to eligible customers who hold a natural gas account with a gas retailer of their choice, or $99 per financial year to eligible customers with on-supplied LPG or natural gas and living in residential communities, retirement villages and strata schemes.

The Appliance Replacement Offer gives eligible concession card holders in NSW a 40-50% discount on selected new energy efficient fridges and TVs.

The Energy Accounts Payments Assistance Scheme helps people experiencing a short-term financial crisis or emergency pay their electricity or natural gas bill and stay connected, but is not available on an ongoing basis. It works by issuing participating vouchers, such as St Vincent De Paul, Salvation Army and Anglicare worth $50.

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Queensland pensioners and seniors may now be eligible for the Electricity Rebate, which is currently $340.84 per year, whilst the Reticulated Natural Gas Rebate is $72.51 per year.

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The Energy and Utility Concession and the Water and Sewerage Rebate are now combined into a single Utilities Concession at a maximum rebate of $654 per household. This rebate increased on 1 July 2018 by $50.

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Eligible South Australians on low or fixed incomes can apply for Energy Bill concessions that are indexed each financial year, currently up to $223.01 to cover both electricity and gas payments.

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The Cost of Living Concession now amounts to (per eligible household) $207.30 for homeowner-occupiers, $103.70 for homeowner-occupiers who are self-funded retirees with a Commonwealth Seniors Health Card and $103.70 for tenants.

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The Energy Concession Extension Scheme gives certain eligible seniors or concession card holders who meet their energy consumption costs in certain circumstances. You could be eligible to claim $300 worth of assistance.

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