How 9Saver Works

How does 9Saver work?

9Saver is the new online money-saving destination for Australian households.

9Saver is an initiative of RevTech Media Pty Ltd and Nine Entertainment Corporation, and is operated by RevTech Media Pty Ltd.

9Saver features money-saving stories that have been broadcast on Channel Nine and tells you where to go to find products mentioned on air.

9Saver also contains extra guides on how you might be able to reduce your major household bills: Energy, Home Loans, Health Insurance, Groceries, Petrol and more.

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From time to time, 9Saver will analyse competing offers available in particular market sectors to help you save.

9Saver also displays offers from our partners, who include comparison sites and providers of utilities, insurance, banking products and other household bills. These partner offers are clearly labelled or identifiable as 9Saver partner offers.

You’ll be able to tell when we mention or provide a link to one of our partners on 9Saver because the link will be marked with an * (i.e. an asterisk).

9Saver is entirely free for you to use. When 9Saver users take up a product or service offered by one of our partners, 9Saver may earn a commission or fee. Any revenue earned by 9Saver will be shared between Nine Entertainment Corporation and RevTech Media.

Further information can be found in our Financial Services Guide (FSG) and General Advice Disclaimer.

What 9Saver can & can’t do

We can’t give you personalised financial advice. Any advice provided should be considered general in nature in that it does not take account of your current circumstances or future needs – it is important for you to consider these in deciding whether the advice may be right for you.

Advice is provided by RevTech Media Pty Ltd (ABN 75 150 963 474), holder of an Australian Financial Services Licence (AFSL 455982) and an Australian Credit Licence (ACL 405918). This advice is limited to providing you with general advice and factual information only. Further information can be found in our Financial Services Guide (FSG) available here.

9Saver may provide links to third-party websites containing financial products and advice from third parties. But these links are provided for your convenience only; 9Saver is not responsible for (and does not make any endorsement of) the products, advice or other content of these third-party sites.

9Saver may also provide links to a RevTech Media website that includes products or campaigns of a financial nature.

9Saver does its best to ensure that all information on this site is accurate at the time of publication, and that offers disappear from the site when they are finished. But please email us at if you spot something that is out of date.