Consumer revolution continues as Health Insurance Campaign hits 60,000 target

Setting a new target of 60,000 homes 9Saver is now looking to save Aussie homes money on their Health Insurance bills.

The 9Saver Health Insurance Campaign has launched this week to try and use the combined buying power of 60,000 Aussie homes to source exclusive health insurance offers.

Already since our launch on Monday 23 April 9Saver has seen our group swell from 45,000 members to almost 59,000 members in just a few days! So sign up, get your friends and family to sign up, and watch this space over the next week!

Many Aussies have seen considerable increases to their Health Insurance premiums since the April 1 price hike. And 9Saver is aiming to harness the power of these Aussie homes who are feeling the pinch and take it to health insurance providers to source exclusive deals for the 9Saver group. We want to source a new special offer for you that could save families hundreds.

Consumer campaigner Bek Day is leading the campaign, and explained to The Today Show that the campaign costs nothing to join.

“There’s no obligation, takes about 30 seconds, but once you’re a member, you’re just offered these exclusive deals and it’s up to you whether you want to take them up or not,” Day said.

“We know there is power in numbers — we’ve seen it with the special deals we’ve been able to source for Australians with our Energy campaign,” Day said.

“We’re aiming to harness that same people power and add to it in order to secure exclusive health insurance deals for members,” Day said.

“What’s sad to me is that a lot of people don’t realise is that they could be saving a lot more money with a slightly different policy or a slightly different excess or a slightly different deal, which is really what we’re trying to make happen. We’re pretty confident that people could save hundreds of dollars.”

According to a recent report a Choice survey found a huge 77% of Australians with Health Insurance struggle to meet the cost of their policies. 9Saver’s latest campaign aims to help ease the pressure.

While Health Insurance premiums rose on average by 3.95% on April 1, there are still ways to save — switching to a better deal with a new provider can save a family hundreds of dollars a year.

The 9Saver Health Insurance Campaign aims to help Nine viewers save hundreds on their Health Insurance by accessing exclusive offers from one of the country’s leading funds.

From my experience talking to people about health insurance, the thing I hear time and time again is that it is too confusing or too hard to figure out a better deal,” Day said.

“Signing up to 9saver is so easy — it literally takes 30 seconds, and by adding your voice to the tens of thousands of Aussies asking for change, you could have access to big savings without having to do the grunt work yourself. There is nothing to lose and a lot to gain.”

9Saver has spent the past few weeks building the size of our group to encourage providers to make exclusive offers available to anyone who subscribes for free at

“If you join, you’ll receive the exclusive Health Insurance offers plus weekly tips to your inbox and it’s up to you what you do with them – you can switch providers, or use the offers to negotiate with your current provider for a better deal.”

The campaign follows the huge success of the 9Saver Power Campaign, which saw more than 45,000 homes register interest and help source special offers on electricity and gas — which were released on March 19. The campaign aimed to help Aussies with one of the bills that causes homes the most stress.

9Saver may earn a fee for each customer that takes up a9Saver Special Offer. These fees are shared with RevTech Media and Nine Entertainment Corporation.