Health Insurance Switchers Save up to $800 on Premiums

A Current Affair spoke to three Aussies who have seen results from viewing or switching their Health Insurance thanks to the 9Saver special offer

In early May, A Current Affair introduced viewers to the 9Saver Health Insurance campaign, using people power to try and source special offers.

Since then, more than 65,000 Aussie homes have banded together to successfully source an exclusive offer from a leading Health Insurance provider that could save families hundreds.

NIB is now offering 9Saver subscribers who take out a new combined Hospital and Extras policy by June 29, an $300 eGift card for families, couples and single parent families or a $200 eGift card for singles. Policyholders who switch health funds might also be able to save on their premiums.

Valeria Ramirez (pictured) from Queensland has used the offer to save over $800 on her premium.

“I thought, you know what, we have to pay it, it was just one of those things that we had to take on the chin – but $315 out of your pocket every month, I’d rather be spending it on other things,” Ramirez told A Current Affair.

Ramirez was with AHM, but after hearing about the 9Saver campaign on A Current Affair, she took action.

“I got a phone call from NIB within 24 hours. I ran them through what we already have and what I was looking to get, which was a very, very similar product and I was surprised to get $70 off a month,” she said.

Ramirez told A Current Affair that her young family is now saving $800 per year. She also receives a $300 eGift Card as part of the special offer.

“We were previously paying $315 (a month) and nib managed to get it down to $245.”

Daphne Laird from New South Wales has also been able to use the 9Saver offer to her benefit.

Featured on the first A Current Affair story on the 9Saver Health Insurance campaign, working mum Laird and 76-year-old Norman Lawrence were both distressed and upset.

Health Insurance premiums rose 3.95% on April 1st this year, and like so many Aussies, they were finding it difficult to keep up.

Lawrence suffers from emphysema. He says 25% of his pension was going towards his health insurance.

Previously Lawrence feared that he would not be able to afford his Health Insurance cover and was concerned that as a result, he would not be able to get the care he needed.

But now, a weight has been lifted off their shoulders. Both Lawrence and Laird have also received offers from NIB.

And after 47 years with the same private health fund, he told A Current Affair how he felt to have another option on the table.

“It feels good.” Lawrence said. “NIB have sent me out a quote and I got on to my own health insurance fund and they’ve also sent me out a quote and I’m now comparing the two.”

“It made me get off my arse and find out what I could do.”

Daphne has decided to stay with her health care fund, HCF, but she used the offer from nib as leverage to get a better deal on her family cover.

“Here I am, without even trying anything too difficult, I am $50 better off,” Laird told A Current Affair.

“Straight away they’ve bought mine down and I’m saving $600 a year already, which brings it down to almost $500 a month which I am happy to stay on until my son’s are off it at the end of this year.”

“I’ll be saving $50 a month which is $600 a year and that’s far better in my pocket than HCF’s,” she told A Current Affair.

Consumer campaigner Bek Day is leading the 9saver campaign, which is part of the Nine Networkm and explained that the campaign aimed to help people take action to understand their policies, and to take a look and see if switching is right for them.

“We really just want to encourage people to educate themselves, see what they’re paying for, see what they could be saving, and make the switch if it works for their family,” Day said.

“Aussies were struggling, they’ve joined their voices together, and the health insurers are listening.”

It’s a people power message that has resonated with many.

“To be able to save money in this day and age, every family should do it,” Ramirez said.

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