Retiree’s 30-metre move pushes insurance bill up $600

Retiree Ian McKinley got the shock of his life when he moved 30 metres up the street and went to update his insurance details.

At the start of the month the 58-year-old, then living at 13 Lavinia Street, paid $975 to renew the policy on his Holden Colorado.

But as an exclusive A Current Affair investigation revealed, the GIO member’s car insurance premium increased by $609.34 after he moved two doors down the street.

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“I’m angry about it, I’m not happy about it,” he said.

“It’s just ludicrous, because to me it is just bleeding the customer.”

Mr McKinley rang GIO to ask why he has been charged the higher cost when the houses are practically identical.

They said they would make a compromise and only charge him $434.71 more than he paid at number 13 Lavinia Street.

GIO couldn’t explain the price hike, other than to say the new property was at “a higher risk”.

“I asked for a written explanation, to justify it – they won’t do it,” Mr McKinley said.

“If it had any justification for it … I am happy to pay it, but there is no justification there for it.”

However, after being contacted by A Current Affair, GIO reduced Mr McKinley’s premium to be back in line with his old address.

GIO said there had been an “anomaly” in their pricing which should have been identified when Mr McKinley raised the issue.