Hail-damaged cars go under the hammer at bargain prices

Hundreds of hail-damaged cars have been saved from the scrapheap at an auction in Altona today.

The cars were victims of Melbourne’s wild weather late last year, but have now found new homes after being pounced on by cunning bargain hunters.

More than 500 cars were being sold on behalf of insurers who wrote them off after deeming them too expensive to repair.

“As soon as there is a weather event like that that happens, there are astute buyers who come down and look for a bargain,” said Charles Cumming of Manheim Auctions Australia.

Some savvy shoppers saw an opportunity for salvage, while other buyers were trying to find a cost-effective entry into the market.

“My nephew, he just arrived in Australia about six months ago so he is just looking for the first car,” one member of the public told Nine News.

“They’re perfect for a first uni car or second or third car in the family,” added Charles Cumming.

Small hatchbacks were being snapped up for two to three thousand dollars.

While family sedans with 80 to 100 thousand kilometres were going for less than five-thousand dollars.

However when it comes to insurance most of these cars are unlikely to be comprehensively covered.

“I rang a couple of insurance companies and they only giving third party, not comprehensive, but a car at this price, I don’t mind,” one new car owner told Nine News.

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