Bupa makes special Health Insurance Offer on TODAY

Thanks to the power of over 116,000 members, 9saver has unlocked a special health insurance offer for TODAY viewers.

According to a survey of 16,000 homes, almost 80% said they have thought about dropping or downgrading their health insurance cover to save money.

Thanks to 9Saver, more than 116,000 homes have banded together to successfully source a fantastic offer from leading health insurance provider Bupa that could save Aussie families hundreds of dollars.

9Saver consumer campaigner Bek Day spoke with TODAY to reveal the special offer.

TODAY: Bek – what deal you have unlocked?

DAY: Well, the biggest health fund in the country, Bupa, has come to the table with a special offer, and that’s testament to the people power of our army of 116,000 members. And here it is: If you join Bupa on selected combined Hospital and Extras covers via 9Saver, you’ll receive 6 weeks free after your first month, plus 9Saver will throw in a $100 eGift card for families, couples and single parent families and $50 for singles. So head to the 9Saver website before it disappears, because we’d hate for you to miss out on this chance to save on Health Insurance.

TODAY: Can anyone switch health insurance or are some people locked in?

DAY: Yes! I know a lot of people think you can’t switch health insurance, but there are all sorts of government protections in place to ensure you can. For example, you don’t have to serve your waiting periods all over again if you’re switching to a similar level of cover. If you’re at all worried about switching, there’s a hotline on the 9saver website you can ring and ask them any questions you have.

TODAY: Would someone be able to get a deal like this without the people power of an initiative like 9Saver?

DAY: As an individual, there is only so much power you have when it comes to trying to get a better deal. As a group, that power is so much more impactful. Whether or not you take up the offer, it’s worth your while to have a look. Even if people don’t switch, it could inspire them to review their cover and get better bang for their health insurance buck. Premiums have risen by about 70% over the past decade, so this offer is a great starting point for anyone who’s feeling the pinch from rising healthcare costs and wants to review their cover and see if they can save hundreds.

TODAY: How do we get on board?

DAY: It’s so easy. Go to 9Saver.com.au – enter your email address and you’ll be able to access the offer. It’s cost and obligation free.

TODAY: Can people who have already signed up to 9Saver take up this offer?

DAY: Yes, absolutely! All 9Saver members are able to access this offer, as they are with all our other offers and deals. You will also be able to access our current summer energy offer, as well as other offers we regularly release to members via email.