Thousands Join Health Insurance Campaign as April 1 Approaches

9Saver is using the people power of more than 153,000 Aussie homes to help unlock an exclusive deal on Health Insurance, before the April 1 premium increase.

More than 4,500 households have now joined a new 9Saver Health Insurance Campaign. 

Thanks to the overwhelming support from its 153,000 members, 9Saver has been able to unlock an exclusive deal ahead of the April 1 premium price rise. 

The aim of the campaign is to help Aussies save hundreds of dollars on their private Health Insurance.

From April 1 premiums will increase by an average of 3.25 per cent, but some increases will be even higher. Extensive rule changes could also mean some policies cease to exist, while new discounts of up to 10% will hit the market for younger policyholders.

According to the Health Minister Greg Hunt the rise will see a single person pay an average $59.28 extra per year and an additional $122.20 more a year for the average family.

Consumer Campaigner Joel Gibson at 9Saver says cost is the biggest reason people choose to downgrade or ditch private health care.

Top 5 Funds: How Much Are Your Premiums Going Up In 2019? 


Insurer Average Increase
nib 3.38%
Australian Unity 3.35%
Medibank 3.30%
HCF 3.20%
BUPA 2.99%

“We understand the average cost of cover has increased by about 66% in the last decade, but we want to use people power to help Aussies to protect their families and stay covered,” said Gibson.

The government’s reforms, including a new rating system, will also come into effect in April.

“While we commend the government’s attempt to make choosing private health cover easier, this will be a very confusing and expensive year for thousands of policyholders,”  Gibson added.

From April this year, there are some brand new ways to save on your cover which could add hundreds of dollars a year back into your family budget. 

New Ways to Save from April 1 This Year:

  1. If you’re fit and healthy, consider increasing your excess to the new maximum of $1500 for couples/families or $750 for singles. This can shave up to $350 from a family’s annual premium, the government says (but remember, you will pay more if you need a private hospital admission).
  2. Use the new Gold, Silver, Bronze or Basic categories to compare. All policies will soon be categorised. This will make it easier for you to shop around based on price.
  3. Cash in if you’re young. Some funds will now offer age-based discounts of up to 10% for adults aged under 30.
  4. Join the 9Saver Health Insurance campaign and help us source a Special Deal for Aussie households who want to save on their health cover.

As part of the campaign, 9Saver has revealed the suburbs that are feeling the heat most when it comes to Health Insurance premiums, based on sign-up numbers:

Health Insurance Hot Spots


According to a 9Saver survey of more than 4,000 households, 46 percent of respondents admitted they have remained with the same insurer for over a decade.

“More than half of those surveyed say they have never switched their health insurers, and that’s contributing to the low level of competition in the industry,” says Gibson.

On the other hand, policyholders who have switched their health cover reported saving $241 per year on average, according to the same survey.

“We want to see if we can get a leading health fund to make a special offer for a limited time that will make that process of shopping around and saving a bit simpler,” said Gibson. 

“It’s free the join and all you have to do is enter a few details online. It will only take a few minutes and it’s a case of more the merrier,” he said.